Wednesday, July 1, 2009

and so this dance!

Pal dear,
i'm torn between two evil choices! so i wrote the poem 'and so this dance'. enjoy it while i continue to divide myself between the two evils.

and so this dance!

and this dance
you bring
beckoning me
dazzling me
charming me!

do i have liberty
to deem it as i see
the motives of your mazy motions?

and what if…?
what if
this dance you dance around me
is only a trap you bring to ensnare me
enslave me…
make me bow at the snap of your fingers
before your temple!
poor soul me
you scare me!

do I take it without
i’m just such a master drummer
so much so
i drum you beats
caressing the pulse of your soul
unleashing the flow of rhythm in you
with such dexterity at my finger tips
you canNOT resist!

so you come!
you come rolling your eyes at me
staring me a dewy-morning gaze
from the corner of your eyes

and so you come!

you come with the call of your glossy-lips
teasing me
seducing me
and leaving me
and leaving me
with the lingering wriggle
of your hips
you sex me!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Oh the 'wicked' words and lines:

1. ...the motives of your mazy motions?

2. poor soul me
you scare me!

3. you!
you sex me!

You 'evil' genius!!!!!

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

I love this Novisi...I also like poems that read like incantations and I think you have enchanted me with yours. It reads good...and it interests me...the motive especially...hope I were in between your evils...I would easily have man's meat...

novisi said...

Thanks loads for sharing!

me 'evil' genius? i feel like i'm being carried on the shoulders of a giant- you!

novisi said...

Nana Fredua-Agyeman,

I wish i could have your sense of choice all to myself really really really! and then "one man's meat..." will become mine and only mine!

thanks for sharing!


sys said...

very few are man enough to say it boldly. read this but took me quite some time to realize you novisi have crossed to the side where REAL men are. a true rep of what ... those with eyes and mouth to see and say ...hmmm

novisi said...

hi sys,

me real man now? thanks but i'm even more intrigued as to what that means! i hope it doesn't come with too much responsibility. cos i love the care free spirit!

poetry can be intriguing! i love this one myself and just couldn't help sharing it!

Pen Powder said...

you sex me!

Oh man, two evils can make a right, no? Splendid artistry. Keep up.

antye504 said...

Beautiful, it played out a whole movie scene in my head. Truly beautiful.

Enyonam said...

Man! You are killing me!