Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neda, a thought

today, i pause!

i've really been enjoying the bombastic rhetoric between the US (Bush especially) and the countries like Iran! for me it all shows how stupid human beings can be! it's sickening to still be bedeviled with threats of war, removal of teeth with a pair of pliers and chopping off of heads with hack-saws! and then what?

the world has come a damn long way! from the days of BC to AD. from the days of Solomon and his countless concubines to this present day King Nswati and his annual parade of virgins! from the days when almost the whole of Europe was at war because of Religious doctrines - beliefs???? (Catholic vs Protestants) to these present day's Rwanda and Bosnia!

we are even told that we are to blame for the death of one Jesus! JeeeeeeeeeeeSUS!

and yet, we have come from civilizations which even today we hardly can fathom how developed man could be if only our energies are harnessed properly! I talk about the Pyramids of Cairo's Giza! and man is wonderful indeed!

So today i share a thought for Neda, and i share a thought for Neda not because of the post-humorous publicity she's suddenly gained but because she represents a case in history just as millions and millions of others who died for making their voices know!

and at this juncture, for a juxtapose; aah! I REMEMBER!!! i remember Galileo Galilei who could not stand his ground for the fear of his life. i don't fault him, for my grandmother used to tell me that "to listen is better than to sacrifice"! whatever that means! peace on that man too, but surely a thought for Neda!!!

Iran must rise!
Iran must kick those religious foolish heads out of town now! and if it means many more Neda's will die, so be it! why sacrifice a whole nation of 'varied and different' (yeah, that! those two words put together must carry something) people of different perceptions of this same world.

who at all is believing that he or she must control the spirit of men and women lest they face the whip????????? which whip Pal?????? i don't know even!

but a people will revolt, and it's just a matter of time! Pal, the nonsense is just too much and my head reels. oh no! another 'bloody' revolution before the human beings will learn sense? let it come!!!

Iran must rise, a people must survive!



Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Oh man, I'm ignorant. I did not even know about Neda. I am educated now. How to start on Iran, and where? The Iranian people have a right to self-determination. Not the hollow type their politico-religious leaders spit out of their sewer-mouths, but real self-determination, itself determined by the people themselves. Peace, my friend. Poor Neda.

novisi said...

you right Nana,

'self-determination' by the Iranians is needed now!


Edward: said...

I think Nana Yaw is not the only ignorant person with regards to the Neda story and the bloodshed in Iran. I guess I cant be blames, when a US soldier dies in Iraq, there whole world gets to know about it, but when 'Neda' happens the hype doesn't reach me!! I guess we all are different and diverse!

sys said...

Ignorant; ain't we all? there is a whole lot going on out there that we don't get to hear or know about. they tell you it's what makes the news that matters (to them media) but it is what rakes in the money, SOLI they call it, or what is it? How many Nedas before things are righted? or is it how God planned it? i think it's the plan of men, some men.
Let's keep hope alive.

novisi said...

Edward, hi there!

we are all different and diverse and diverse true!

only we have a common 'destiny' to ensure that we either together sustain life or we kill it!

novisi said...

hi sys,
rich thoughts there as usual!

let's keep hope alive!

antye504 said...

Wow! Nice space you've got here...and very informative; I read about Neda tonight(It's sad, really...rest her soul) Goes to re-iterate the irony Edward mentions. But true, from what I gather the sole thing Iranians do need is self-determination.

Pen Powder said...

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Think of the Honduras case today, the army has sacked its president. I think thats self determination. The army must have the interests of the people at heart, and not those of any president. Yet the US still condems Honduras. If the Iranian army topples Ahmadinejad, would the US still condem them? The more things change, the more they remain the same. This world isnt going anywhere!

novisi said...

it's true! Like Nana said: self determination!

novisi said...

Pen Powder,
it's really interesting how the US has done this world so much harm through their myopic policies and double standards!

Bob Marley's 'Time will Tell' song is playing in my mind now!

"time alone... oh time will tell"