Friday, June 19, 2009

killing the system

it's easy, get a Nuclear or an A bomb! else get a gun, or a club even!
just start attacking everything in sight! something would be eliminated! or at least, something would give! eeeezy?

how about building the system instead, taking a second or two to think through an idea, pause even, assemble needed materials and tools that would get you through! actually start the work! and there you are! eeeeezy?

so today, i had an intercourse with a chemistry lecturer! first i was with two other guys! and Chem lecturer is wondering how come the two guys are on industrial attachment from KNUST (first year)! he thinks they should have waited till 3rd year before making any such 'move'!

so i tell Chem man, "look"! (lol, well, i didn't start like that, cos i'm supposed to respect the elderly and sure the harmless word look would have been in contrast to the spirit of respect.... and how we fix ourselves pal. me i'd make my kids tell me "Look" someday soon!

but i told Chem man; that it was a good thing for these young men to start seeing some things early! Chem man says noooooooooooooo! "you see, i'm speaking as someone who has been in the teaching field for over 20yrs and i know when a student begins to grasp a subject. by the 3rd yr you could be sure that when you make them go out they won't go and blow-up a manufacturing plant"

GadDamIt...!!! i said to him, but in my head!

I said, "you see, i believe you should review your policy so that students start getting earlier exposure to industry".

"you don't understand. Chem man says. "we keep getting complains everytime even about those who complete their courses and take up employment in these companies"

and i, yours stubbonly, insists that "exactly the reason why the exposure must start early and that even if you give 20yrs some might just not come out good. but me make a point which i picked from my chaplain in secondary school: "we should not be afraid of making mistake; we learn from them".

but Chem man too is stubborn, he goes on the tell me the experience of some student in Germany! this student gets a degree in Chem but ends up in Germany without knowing how to switch on the computer! at this juncture! Chem man looks me up in the eyes almost like what pregnant women give their husbands for attention. and he was giggling and obviously expecting me to laugh out loud perhaps! then he asks through short breaths: "doesn't this surprise you?"

i would have told him like i tell everyone around me that the last time i got surprised was way back in secondary school when this unassuming junior of mine ended up being caught in armed-robbery and his name came in the newspapers! GadDamIt...!

I told Chem man: "no, i'm not surprised! and i'm not surprised because really, the computer is just a tool like the farmer would have a hoe and that the student could just learn this quickly. no big deal there!"

Chem man is more stubborn than i am maybe! he disagrees forcefully! he insists it is shameful while i was left to wonder where all the shame could be coming from! but i did not want to start chasing any shadows of shame now! so i let him continue with all those self confusing tales as i see it. it was time to live sadly!

Chem man was still talking 'round and round the about' as i made for the door. i only listened and laughed some off. and when we finally said Good bye, Chem man would just let me go like that. he tells me: "you have to change your thinking".

but pal, in all honesty, This Chem man is not the only notorious one! me too i'm notorious! so i declare i won't change my mind on this matter!

why should i when the world is moving on faster and faster! when little kids are playing with technology elsewhere and coming out with ideas that a lot of folks on this side buy and either keep in their rooms as a sign of wealth or carry around as fashion!

i can't be tied down with such dogmas about letting someone grow up before being given the opportunity to learn! learn pal. just opportunity to learn, not lead!! but following instructions and learning and 'doing' some under adequate supervision! just this! and i'm being told that one must wait for some yrs before??????????

Pal, you may choose to help build the system or just start knocking it all down, little by little!



posekyere said...

The Chem chap expected you, perhaps, to just take 'the notes he was dishing out' without questions. Hahaha.
He is used to lecturing to students with minds closed. He needs to open his own mind to what is happenning allm over the world.
I firmly believe that the earlier one is introduced to the industrial floor, the better it will be to come into grips with the practice of the theory they are learning at school. That is what pertains in Germany and many other places.
The chem Lecturer is obviously old-school.
This is one of Ghana's developmental challenges.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Regards, man. I agree with your stance. And Posekyere's too. Except he's more than 'old-school'. He's prehistoric, jurassic and something unprintable. Children should always learn earlier if they can!

Angel said...

I agree with Posekyere, he just wanted you to take the notes and done lol

novisi said...

Hi posekyere,
congrats on your 100 milestone again.

surely this is one of Ghana's many developmental challenges.

it's sad what our leaders are churning out as policy!

and one thing i did not mention was that he was proud to tell me he's German trained too.

lol. i took the notes alright but i would modify the notes everyday!

novisi said...

lol Nana!

the man is old school for real. but the irony is that he's teaching principles that are much new school and i hope he comes to realise this. one day. ah, i'm hanging on hope!


novisi said...


i did take those notes for sure but i've already started my modification of the 'horrible' parts.


sys said...

Haa, now one should know why the majority of school leavers have very little idea of what it is that they actually studied. prehistoric is what this Chem is, and the funny thing is he feels so good about it and wants everyone to be the same. He wanted to convert you, Novisi. The guys who make the policies are the same guys who check and review it so what do we have??? Hey, I am of the view that we join forces to rebuild this nation of ours .... after we tear it down ... completely. A complete change of mind and perception is what this Chem chap needs, and maybe prayers. God Bless.

novisi said...

Sys, let me quote you: "The guys who make the policies are the same guys who check and review it so what do we have???"

such is our problem truly.

and this part too:
"Hey, I am of the view that we join forces to rebuild this nation of ours .... after we tear it down ... completely."

lol. that 'after we tear it down ... completely' part freaks my imaginative senses with a blast. love the art therein.

i'm with you sys!

Mike said...

So, have you changed your thinking yet? lmao. Please don't.
Chem man is in the wrong field of work. He certainly should not be teaching. There are likes of him in every country but I think we have too many in Ghana.

novisi said...

hahahaha Mike,
i knew not to change my mind even before leaving him.

that Chem man sure must not be teaching. you said it right! and yes, too many of such fake teachers in Ghana!