Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ogoni: the spirit


i seek peace!

but in pursuit of peace i'm much aware of the fact that the quest for justice above all reign!

and so therefore i'm much aware too that peace and violence are only manifestations of what we breathe on one another as human beings! these are by-products!

what could the bible mean by God being just???

so today, i am here and i'm feeling the weight of the spirit of a people! Ogoni!!!

The toils, the sweat, the blood of a man Ken Saro Wiwa lives on! i feel it! i feel it like i feel the pulses in my veins...the breath of a people!

no matter how deep deep down the belly of the ocean they try foolishly too, to bury the truth, Justice will germinate!

and let my words cut like a sword
for these are not my words
these are weapons that destroy in mass
the evil we inflict on our own skin!
these words would cut off your limbs
these words would dig into you like daggers
and rip you into pieces
they would hang you!
unless you be true to your brothers and sisters
these words would bury you!

Ogoni! the spirit!
a people would rise to the dawn of a new morn!



Adaeze said...

Thanks for writing about this.
I am happy that there has been a settlement, I am happy that it somehow proves that Shell IS guilty and scared. That this is humanitarian is bullshit.
But I am unhappy that they did not have to pay more for their wrongdoings, and afraid they will go on with business as usual. Please broadcast this issue to anyone you know..we need to spread the information and stop this injustice. As we speak, the military is killing and looting villages in the Niger-Delta, the people are still suffering from what Shell is doing every day.. Ken saro Wiva is just the tip of the iceberg.

posekyere said...

I have just stumbled upon this truth: you are really an activist. A political, a social, a humanitarian activist. That is who you, my pal, you are!
e need more of activism in the continent. Keep it up!

novisi said...

I agree with you Ken Saro Wiwa is just the tip of the iceberg!

i have followed these injustices for a while since Saro Wiwa got arrested. i was a kid then. and i'm just hit by how much evil we inflict on fellow humans in the name of whatever interests!

right now in Ghana to prospect of oil is being hailed so much and i just hope folks are learning lessons enough.

and for me really, it's not about the amount of money (they sure do owe the people a lot more), but the pointer that goes out to everyone that a people must not be taken for granted!

novisi said...

it's really a sad situation!

you're right, we need more activism!

but me, i just a chicken! lol. words are my only weapon!


sys said...

peace, war, justice, they are all never the same and never can be. justice, yes justice is the ultimate. in time of peace, all sort of evils can happen. in a period of war, well ... but with justice, there is only justice and all is just, yes like the Almighty Himself. shit, don't we even know we are made in HIS image??? things we can do to fellow man all for perishable riches. God help us all.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Great post really, especially as we have just discovered and are now exploiting/exploring oil. Hope Ogoniland becomes a model for other places of how we can all prospect for the oil the world runs on, while giving a little wealth to the people from whose land we get the resource, and also while protecting the environment. Great one, Nov.

novisi said...

wow sys!
you know i actually thought about the '...in the image of God' thing while i typed that line.

yeah, justices is a bedrock!

God help us really!

novisi said...

Yes Nana,
i hope we learn our lessons!

sys said...

if you should care to know, Novisi, i read you a lot and guess, i kind of stumbled on you. i am following you. tried to follow a few others but it looks like YOU are DRAGGING me along and some others who with time, would show up, or jack up. keep going my friend, you are making a lot of difference. little drops .... attract each other and sticking together, surely would make a mighty.... love to our world.

novisi said...

awwwwww! sys, one by one, drop by drop, stream by stream, word!!!

and you know what? i'm really humbled by all that you share

but i don't want never to drag you! i'd prefer to walk with you hand in hand! like my name spells out: novisi.

bless you!

Angel said...

Im glad words are you only weapon

now what's this about you being my guest artist! lol