Saturday, June 6, 2009

mafia? go Gomorrah!

i like to hold men in leadership by their balls and the women counterparts by their breasts! square!

let men and women in leadership profess allegiance to something! something! or damn, they themselves come telling you without prompting they 'swear'! "zero tolerance for corruption".

else if the men turn out to be eunuchs and the women perhaps have suffered some bad fate such as breast cancer that results in the removal of the sensitive pair then i look at what age old principles apply to all humans and bring it before them!

mirror, mirror on the wall... reflections, reflections in their faces... wrinkles??

so what is Prez Mills waiting for?
the man Muntaka Mubarak himself has confessed in his own written response to buying pampers with our money! flying a lady secretary of the Majority leader in Parliament (he claims she's not his gal, yet he was the one who sought permission for her righ?. yeah right!) and landing with fees at our expense to have a jolly time perhaps with 'chance' condoms... orgasms on our behalf. o yeah! do it again babe! shit...!

This is Prez Mills who did not even allow Asaga for his saga to be vetted by Parliament. coitus interuptus, if you want. Thus how round the balls of the president. I'm holding them, pal!!! This is same Prez who has just 'commissioned a commission' to look into the Ghana@50 dealings that stink so bad we all know. and this is same Prez. Mills under whose watch Mpiani of Kufuor's fame is being interrogated by the BNI to cause even respectable men like Dan Botwe to dare sink low! what the heck pal.

so what the fuck (parental guidance is required!) is Mills waiting for??? what investigations would turn out that Mubarak's own admission to commissions of impropriety were a frame up and therefore absolves him from wrong! shit, pal. let Mills not waste our time.

if Mills feels up to the weight of his own balls then let him remove that Mubarak with retrospective effect. it's been long overdue pal. only a retrospective dimensional dismissal of the sports minister would be tolerated by me! i don't know about you and i don't really bother what you want cos i have Mills by the balls.

now, there is talk of a mafia group at the ministry! tell me pal, where in this world you don't have folks whose actions, either individually, or as a 'crook' group don't ring the mafia bell??? folks are too much into dreaming mysteries into daylight and nighttime robberies by leaders and it makes me wanna squeeze these rough pair that i hold some more! more...

and those like Ayariga who claim the media is trying the minister better shut the hell up! why is the media always your cheap target??? such as you just don't get it that the media is only a medium. let the media do their trial if that is what you call it. doesn't change a thing. you tell us what you owe us! period!

meanwhile, i'm not much of a fun of movies! but pal, if anyone wants to tell me about mafias at the ministries, then i'd rather go Gomorrah! damn, that's mafia. not this, naivety of infantile proportions! and by the way, whose duty is it to deal with whatever mafia at the ministries???

look, you Mills man, better sack this Mubarak man, or i squeeze!!!

Pal, tell him.


posekyere said...

Nov squeeze those expired balls until he wakes up from that state of clinical dysfunction. The chap is in comatose since day one. He seems to be paralyzed by some irrational fear.
There is something really troubling with JAM. Is he on some prescription of some sort, perhaps, Valium?

novisi said...

posekyere, Valium perhaps!

we need to see leaders accept responsibility!

by now this minister should have apologized to us and resigned while he cooperates with investigations.

and if the minister is not resigning! fair deal. That is why we have a president! you sack him! but well we are being told to wait for investigations. fair deal. we will wait!

but the standards must be upped!!!

sys said...

oh! Novisi, i just want to advice you and all. lots of shit is hapening in this land artificial ghana and me, i'm getting me a pair of rubber boots and lots of
pure water. hell! they are all the same only, well, i hate them all
anyway cos they do the same things and insult my inteligence and yours
and everyone else. Ok, Novisi, you want to squeeze, i want to knock the 2 nuts together but seriously, it is very sad. wish everyone gets to read pieces like these. love you

novisi said...

hi sys,
you are right there!

they 'insult our intelligence'!

and it's sad, but we must somehow keep 'fighting' and 'knocking the nuts together' with the hope that someday soon, a better day would come!

love you too!