Tuesday, June 2, 2009


i'm slowly picking up the rhythm of life back in my bones and muscles. 'sickness is a pain' indeed.

so what is our government up to on education? they call up a bunch of folks and say let's deliberate on whether secondary education should span 3 or 4 yrs?

meanwhile Pal, there's a joint right on the labadi beach road called jokers! i've always wondered why that name cos none of my visits to the place resulted in me witnessing any sit-down comedy! forget what they call 'stand-up' comedy! is that the same as what is called 'gye na hor gyi?'

trust me Pal, this place called Jokers is too serious a place. my last visit there was all about the enjoyment of an atmosphere of bizi looking folks. bizi about nothing amidst a flood or call gals that breeze you by with perfume that could stain your nasal passage! breathe pal!

so our government and some folks who call themselves stake holders think that the solution to the myriad of problems engulfing our educational system lies in playing out 'lottery' with the numbers 3 and or 4??? JOKERS indeed!

what breaks the bile in me is what some want us to swallow down as fallen standards of education. and they claim the old system that made you spend a whooping 7 yrs on secondary plus some 10yrs on primary education was far better than the current system. how foolish could a man or woman be in conjuring up such a mindset that is as baseless as the word!

folks have forgotten that the population of human beings have increased with time first of all. JOKERS!

i was privileged enough to sit in same class at the university with some of the products of the old system and God knows that all the many years they had to spend before undergrad did them no magic! so why all the joke???

me say pal, we should have a long term plan for secondary education and it does not matter the number of years really so far as the content could be delivered with enough comfort! so let's say let's plan for the next 50yrs!

1. revert current number of years to 3 'as it was in the beginning'. This is so because nothing significant has changed to take care of a 4yr programme.

2. massive infrastructural and human (teachers) advancement should be made for the next 5 years bearing in mind that we would get back to running a 4yr max programme. meanwhile the educationists should do proper review of the curricula.

3. plan for a 4yr programme that would make room for anyone who feels up to it to write the needed exams after 3yrs (even 2yrs is not bad) to jump to university! there's no need to wait if one is up to speed enough!

and we must plan for a four year programme because the system must be flexible for the masses to be able to have enough time to obtain secondary education which must sooner than later be a must in this country!

meanwhile Pal, there are a lot more jokes with the educational system. there is that shit thing called 'school feeding programme'. look let whoever get rid of that thing. the money should rather be channeled into providing science resource centers for the schools.

There's another one that is being made noise of lately again called 'Baah Wiredu's one-laptop per child' programme and i wonder when will the jokes come down to the minimum! whoever thinks it's the way to go is serioulsly joking! if they could provide one laptop per child, why not identify the tertiary institutions and help out students pursuing computer science programes??? just another joke. someone is going to end up littering this nation with junks as computers for kids. let that programme be scrapped. and if the whole idea is to push for the memory of one-time-man Baah Wiredu, then someone must think better! he himself was a part of this junk and it's time to rethink for the best!

yes Pal!
i'm back and alive!


posekyere said...

You aptly summed up the essence of the stakeholders in charge of affairs in our corner of the world: jokers.
I like your humour.Hahaha.

Kwegyirba Aggrey-Orleans said...

Oh, yes you are back! Good one there.

novisi said...

hahaha, posekyere, there's just too many jokers around!

one hardly gets a sense of a plan or an implementation of an agenda that is for the good of all across board.

there's hardly one seeing a movement towards the middle where all can be comfortable!

novisi said...

Kwegyirba Aggrey-Orleans,

oh yes! it feels so good to be back.

and you! wow. i love reading you! intrigues! love them!


Tairebabs said...

I am definitely in support of reducing the number of years spent in our secondary schools bearing in mind that reducing the years should involve a structured plan for getting adequate content taught to students. I don't believe the standard of education should be weighed by the number of years we spend in schools. I spent 5 years reading law, plus 1 year strike, 1 year law school, 1 year NYSC, all in Nigeria, only to get to yankee and watch people get their degrees in 3 to 4 years...it is really painful..and trust me when I say they know their law so it is not a case of longer years making me smarter.

novisi said...

Tairebabs, i know what you mean! and i agree with you!

only i believe our 'special' (and they are too special, lol) problems that has to do with the lack of facilities and teachers developments and motivation are even more primary a case to tackle before thinking about the number of years!

really, assuming we all agree by some 'fantasy' that the longer the sch yrs the better; we lack what it takes to even accommodate folks in schools for years and years. and that's where the irony is.

and of course, the way to go is to make the system as flexible as possible. too many straight jackets in the system!

but would our folks do what is right? yet a good number of them have gone to train outside in the UKs, the US, etc etc. Our current president is no exception. what good did they learn to help our situation here???

i pray!

sys said...

oh! my!! years, numbers, do they really mean anything??? from the jokers who happen to always take we the populace for jolly rides daily always, we really have to attain lots of it (years) before we can be wise. every child is not wise; all the elderly, they be wise?????? hhmmm, still thinking about that.

novisi said...

hey sys,

yes! the numbers, the years and oh, that thing about old-age and wisdom is really funny!

i wonder if folks don't notice the loads of 'reverse-order' thinking adults. and if you are not careful, they would tell you it's culture to not say it if an old one farts in public. culture?

we need years to grow up then! to become wise!


and i can't help but to be intrigued by your contributions. why don't you blog too??? mystery huh!


sys said...

Oh Novisi, i guess i am blogging, through you, and i think it's kind of cool for now. like you say time, man, just time.....

novisi said...

i hear you!
i'm reading you too and wow! each time gives man food for though!

hopefully man and woman would have enough control of time!