Friday, August 1, 2008


Light Flame sHine

Air Breeze fRee

Tranquil sOund sErene


My spirit is calling

Give me motivation

Give me strength


I could
If you want me to
I would

Give me earth
I would find my feet
Stand with me
We would make a dream

Hold my hand
Tell me I can
We can

We could
If you want us to
We would

this is one piece i just finished...and it's one i wrote without knowing what i was writing from the first's been some experience...

I guess the inspiration was to capture INSPIRATION itself and give it collour (an after thought--after the writing) i don't know what this poem would mean to you but whatever it means do enjoy!

and somehow i wish i could sincerely pass this one on to OBaMa!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Novisi, it is a hydra to me. Or shall I say a chimaera? It speaks of faith. It speaks of hope. It speaks of purpose. It speaks of strength. But, above all,it speaks of self-discovery to me. I am so glad you finished it. I will file it somewhere safe in my mind. I particularly relished reading:

Hold my hand
Tell me I can
We can! (But note that I added an exclamation mark)

Don said...

I think you captured the essence of inspiration pretty good, especially seeing as how inspiration is one of those things that is hard to place through words.

Obama definitely is going to continue to need inspiration as he makes the climb against the GOP party.

Muze said...

somehow as i was reading this, i was thinking obama!

that's cool.

i see you are very skilled with the poet's pen as well.


novisi said...

thanks to you all for sharing...

Nana, i got your exclamation mark...and i think it's more than give me more meanings!...i'm learning!

Don, Obama sure does need more the end of the day it all comes back to us the's 360 degrees i guess.

muze, i guess you got the name right up out's synonymous with hope now right?
Thanks for sharing!