Friday, May 22, 2009

some many things

Pal dear,
i just rechecked the 'insignificant' physical space that i occupy compared to all the mind-blowing vastness that exists in this universe! and still there are ongoing discoveries that tell that we actually underestimate the measure of the space that we perceive! true science is the only religion! (the false type of science is the case of HIV-AIDs for example. no sense there! and WMDs too!)

so there are too many things to talk about!

Down town in man-made Ghana there's a lot of talk about SAKAWA! and i wonder what more could be irrelevant in as much as it is relevant to attract too much attention from our leaders and police who should rather be focused on tackling more practical issues such as robbery, thievery by leaders etc. Suddenly, it seems everyone has a 'sakawa' story to tell no matter how childish or 'toli' it it may sound!

and then the youth are the ones to get the focus of the triviality with all sorts of claims! folks are too easily taken in by all manner of spiritual tales to only make them look helpless! how sad! where is the 'wake-up' bell???

Middle ground:
last time i scream YES when Obama told that story in his speech to the Notre Dame folks about the Doctor who emailed him about the 'abortion' issue during his campaign. YES, that's my kind of leadership! (not the person Obama so much, but the principle of reaching the middle ground when it matters). but of course same man Obama could not stand the pressure on his own 'case 5 balls' when pressed about the 'photos' (his explanation me believe is neither here nor there. it's not up to him to decide human feelings or reactions).

Obama again and they say he's visiting Ghana. no big deal! when i asked myself why not Kenya for a first Official visit, my 'heartless' head told me it was all about strategy! and i believe it's a plus for his 'professional' outlook like Maya responds it here! any other country in the 'black' of Africa would score him that point. so a die is cast maybe and it falls on Ghana. no big deal however a jamboree the streets of Accra would turn!

my expectation? i look forward to hearing what he would say! it better be good stuff! and i hope it would be nothing like telling us that the US citizens cannot be apologetic to anyone about the way they live like he did say in his inaugural speech! that is crap and almost Bush's 'bull' (and i'm no tax collector; therefore unlike Obama i'm 'morally' free to make a 'caricature' of him) if we consider the enormity of the troubles that America has served the world. surely there are issues like global warming and the contributions they have made! all the fuel they keep consuming!!! else why is he pushing for renewable energy anyway! i want some more sense!

sexy dream!
Doesn't sex represent God, Pal??? has the world already undergone the sex-revolution??? why is nudity and sex such a no-go! some say don't let the child see nudity! some say don't let the child see sexual intercourse! else they would be corrupted! but don't the children always see. and even if they don't see, who says they don't know? and what does that akan adage say about letting the child know God! doesn't it say the child learns on his own??? i started becoming aware (knowledge) about sex on my own from my 'environment' (which environment is this same world) as early as about the age of 3 or so as i can remember! so when would the world just accept that sex is part of humanity so much that it is no more a corrupter than food we eat hungrily or gluttony!

now comes the showdown! come Wednesday i want Barca to win over ManU and i want Eto'o to score! there must come a retaliation for last season. Pal, i was supporting Inter all the way this term till ManU crashed them! hard luck to Chelsea but this year i was so against them i almost 'cried' till Iniesta's goal made Didier Drogba go mad. yeah the ref was bad alright but what other way could a man be teased?

but Jose Mourihno is teasing me more! i love this man. he speaks both sense and nonsense 'beautifully'! i supported Chelsea last term because of him and now i'm supporting Inter because of him. but Barca seduces me big time! Mourinho says the final would be decided on pens! he predicted rightly that his former team Porto would be knocked out by ManU but did not attempt same for his own team! now i wish Mourinho hadn't just said that because i dread pens for Barca! Eto'o must score!

now what else:

love Pal!


nii okai said...
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nii okai said...

barca deserves more than your heart.. they want your balls too my bro.. this season i couldn't help but to fall in love with them more.. i've always been a big fan over the years,, barca always happen to showcase some of the world's greatest players... this season , they have proven to be arguably the best football club in the world.. no wonder they have the KING'S CUP and The LA LIGA in their possesion already... The champions league title will definitely be theirs on wednesday , when the world will watch them demolish MAN. Utd like never before...

Naa said...

*There are still more to be discovered.....

Do we care for our neighbours?
*Sakawa has been in existance way! way!! back. It wasn't called Sakawa by then, they use to call it Black Magic(without internet)It was those "big men" who do such things in those days but not the young ones. After, internet fraud stepped in. When the young children started this fraud stuffs, they only use to lure their clients(that is how they use to call them "my client online"). Then those who wanted quick money stepped in with the voodoo. now the young ones ave gone into the Black Magic system again. Those guys sleeping in the coffins are doing prepare voodoo so they've used the Sakawa thing to cover up. Our society is now in decay. Teachers, church, parents, guardians, our leaders all ave failed. Yet they all call us "future leaders" when they don't even know what we eat,wear and sleep. Now they are the same people pointing fingers at them(sakawa). And I don't know where police too comes in here(why u wan catch me cus am doing sakawa)After all I ave short life, n will soon die because my days ave been numbered by the voodoo.

They are making noise about it like there is no other work to be done by the nation.

Naa said...

Hmmmm Our Prez Mills(where was the first place he went when he came into office?)Obama knows that no matter what, he will surely go back home to see his people(home sweet home)so he is not in a haste. I don't know why he chose to come to Ghana first.
We wish him safe flight.

Naa said...

At first, Ghanaian film Industries hardly show two people in bed(aving sex or kissing)they will cut or fade out that part immediately they jump on the bed. Am not old though but at first when we are watching a movie with an elderly person and two people were about to kiss we close our eyes or pretend not watching. But now what do we see on our screens, they even sell porno cds on the street just like that(openly)Children sing al kinds of songs I've not even heard before. Yet parents are failing to give sex education at home. Those dirty movies and music clips need to be wiped away off our screens.

We have a whole lot to do but WHO SHOULD START for WHO TO FOLLOW?

Naa said...

The best and majority childhood movie acted by ourselves when lil kids was "mama k3 dada"...(very funny)ask an elderly person if he or she knows abt "mama k3 dada"(the person will laugh if they know)

I learnt(knowledge)abt sex was when I was lil, use to play with ma baby doll(yeah ma doll use to ave sex with the unknown invent any kind of story(life)just to make ma doll active and happy. Nobody taught me about sex life before school started it part.

sys said...

Hey Novisi, it is always something to read a piece from you.
Bout Obama, I might sound whatever you may think but as far as i am concerned, he is here for just what Bush came here for; the us command post. they have one in ghana trust me.
SEX??? what the fuck about it?? why? is it not something you can or cannot talk about just like football or plants or me or you or what?
say football for instance, i aint pushing for a barca win. all i want is a nice man u loss, big one too. do or do not talk about what you like or dislike, it's human i believe.

novisi said...

yes Nii, my balls too. lol.

now i can't wait to read your controversies. bring them on!

novisi said...

Naa, you make me see more sides to this whole sakawa biz. and i wish we ignore it for more serious stuff now cos most of the stories being told are just plain tales. ouch! i will get back.

novisi said...

hi sys!

sorry you all. i have not felt normal blood flow in my veins for long. i was down!

now i'm up again and hey! you sys, you intrigue me always!

and i'm not 'thinking' anything for you! i'm reading you and are hardly too far from the truth! America would always seek their interest first no matter who is leading!

and yeah! sex is all human! i just don't like the pretenses some put out about it!

cheers to you!

sys said...

Yoo, Novisi, i am me and always hope to be. glad you see me as you see me... more glad you have normal blood now, flowing through you. can't imagine loosing anytime soon. stay alive.

novisi said...

sys, thanks for your concern!

man would try to stay alive.

sure by the great power of the great forces!

love you the way you are. it's unconditional.