Monday, May 11, 2009

Skin Deep


Shall we not light a flame tonight?
Shall we not replace the shivers
of this rather cold rainy night
with well cultivated beads
of our own sweat?


Shall we not meet skin to skin
deeply so deeply so
Shall we not light a flame tonight?
Let me round the suppleness of your breasts
trace the sensuality of your cleavage
and tease your nipples to erection

let me run my hand down your body
down your hairy legs
let me reach in-between your thighs
and search where you yearn to have me
look into my eyes
let your passion consume all of me


Take me
Ride me as you please
Show me heaven
Lead me all the way

Hold me
Squeeze me
I want to be there with you
yes heaven!

Shall we not make this interaction organic?


Hold me
Hold me like you would save the last breath in me
Tietaa …


(written sometime in 2008 when i had one more dream)

in celebration of my ten year poetry experience!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Oh yeah, 10 years! And I've known you for almost the whole time, and seen some really great words come to life on your paper. Congratulations, Novisi.

About "Tietaa", the poem is exceptional, but one line stood out by its "rude" play on my personal sensibilities. It is my favourite although it describes a personal turn off. The line? "down your HAIRY LEGS".

Graphic and Great.

posekyere said...

Pretty bold and vicarious in my view.
Now tell me Nov, why am I still wondering what 'type' of a dream could be so explicit?

Adaeze said...

Whoa. Steamy hot! And beautiful.

novisi said...

Thanks Nana.

it's amazing how time plays 'this' game with us!

and you've been a great mentor!

and yeah, i do remember your 'turn off' hair on legs and stuff.

it's interesting how i'm wowed by 'the hair'! forgive me for plastering my 'crazy addiction' on this huge wall.

novisi said...

The boldness comes out of a personal challenge to 'shock' myself about the 'sensual'.

and that dream was the explicit dream. i just call these things dreams cos i can't really describe them!

novisi said...


i guess we need some ice to bring down the heat! lol.

thanks for sharing!

Naa said...

whaaaaaaooooooooow....was it de skin dat drove u crazy? Ai luv ur poem

Esi W. Cleland said...

damn! i wish i had dreams like that whilst sleeping:)

novisi said...

there's something magic about the skin you know!

Thanks for sharing!

novisi said...


i think this was actually a day-dream. lol.

dreams just come. and i know it won't be too long before you have that wish coming true!

dream with me!

sys said...

Hmmm !! what can i say cept that this is creative dreaming; i mean day dreaming. keep it up boy.

abbynah said...

wow novisi, that's sooooome day dream! HOT!

novisi said...

Hi sys,
what can i say too, Thanks for sharing!

novisi said...

abbynah, long time.
just to let you know i've got som hold of some ice now to deal with the heat.

or shall we keep up the heat some more?


nii okai said...

oh yes bro... it's being a long time coming... congratulations...

Naa said...

Novisi, you don't have new post? Was passing by. And I don't know why I can't open Nana Yaw's blog again. Ok, I ave a new post on Blog @ ma site. U can delete dis after u've read bcus I wasn't finding any column on ur blog where I can give u a private msg...laterz

novisi said...

Nii Okai, is that you??? or is that not you? hey man! 'lon tam no c'!

but it was all in the dreams man! it hasn't come yet! will though surely later be life with man! hah!

i've hit your blog a look and i did not see any of your controversies yet. don't keep me waiting too long!

express your self man life is short!

novisi said...

Naa, how sweet of you!

i wish all the space and time in the world allowed one to just blog and blog and blog!

i've been doing more reading of other blogs! i've checked yours too man times.

so many other things take my attention and other times too i just can't decide on what to blog about! i'm very sensitive to all sorts of courses!

ok. so there i didn't make sense right! never mind me!

i'd try!