Friday, April 24, 2009



the rains came down a bit heavy for a short while and ended up in soft showers. i thought it was just ending so i dashed out to 'Western Union Money Transfer' office. i did enjoy the drops of rain on my skin as i made my way to the place. it was nice!

so i approach the office and i realised the place was rather familiarly dark (and dark places that should rather be lit have become familiar these days in Ghana like always thanks to ECG!) with all the people present on their feet. two women seemed focused on anything but their job behind the counter.

before the counter but only about 3 steps away were two others. one, a gentleman in blue jeans who leaned in one corner as if he waited for just the last drop of rain to make his way out! the other was a lady who rather wore a desperate face and i could have just taken cue from her like those unspoken notices and just make my way back. nobody talked. the body languages were very clear. but i got closer to the only computer on the counter and i did not hear it hum! enough warning now???

well, where i came from there was enough electrical power, so why not ask questions. i proceed without prompting!

looking from one face to another, i put the question to one of the ladies behind the counter. "Madam, are you closed?" and i did it with a mischievous smile because i knew it was just some minutes past 4pm! Madam is busy packing somethings into her bag so i repeat the question. "Madam, have you closed for the day???"

Now Madam looks me up in the face but turns her eyes back to her bag before answering. and as she raised her head i saw the evidence of her private and likely nocturnal encounters with a male counterpart. and the thing about the general attitude of pregnant women which i don't buy came to mind!

"There's no light." Madam said. ok i had already seen the signs alright! but that was no answer to my question. so i quickly modify (not change!) the question. "When do you close???" Madam woman looks at me again and i 'jolt' within with a feeling of a smile broadening on my face because i was glad that she was engaging with a fellow man in private. that's always a good affair.

and Madam answered: "I'm leaving, there's no light."

"oh ok!" i said. and my mischief jumps to the fore of me with my smile still widening. "so you are leaving but you have not closed, okayeeeeeee!" the eeeeeee sound makes a piecing one! and don't i just annoy now??? she's looking at me now and i'm looking back at her and i'm smiling. she didn't smile some but she didn't frown either.

Madam shoots back: "it's 4.30, i close at 4.30, i'm leaving!"

and i dared stepped on the toe of the other lady behind the counter with that uninvited statement of mine! and she would probably have given me a slap if she had the effrontery! the best way to defend is to attack they say right??? this lady might have taken this tactical saying rather extra seriously!

so she comes right at me with a fierce force spewing out words like they just did not weight just the way i love drama: "gentleman, we have closed! we don't have light so we can't work. if we don't have light we don't work. how do you expect us to work if we don't have light???"

she took my attention like i had no choice! i gave it (yes it!) to her but i did not add the smile for strategic reasons! i listened to her.

now i don't know whether she wanted me to become her interviewee??? but before i could decide whether to answer or what answer at all to give she threw more verbal rockets!

"do you understand???" she demanded!

and i looked at no one but this second lady behind the counter! and aaaaahhhh, now my time to 'talk som' (more)!

"oh, i actually asked specific questions for which i got specific answers and i'm ok with the answers. so ehmmm, thank you very much madammmmmmmmmmmm!!!"

i threw that at her with an unending mmmmmmmmm sound that i'm sure will echo and reecho in her ears for her listening pleasure!!!

now i turned my attention to my more accommodating and dear pregnant and 'leaving-woman'. i bowed my regards. she acknowledged and i left feeling all the joy in me! walking back in the rain; the showers increased and i couldn't help but just spread out my arms into wings to savour the the drenching that came as i made my way back!

pal, i just enjoy pulling out the nonsense in folks! makes the world even more beautiful!!!

have a nice weekend!


sys said...

It's rather sad that very few people pause long enough in life, to look at the other side. that is what makes life boring and ugly. all the fun is on the other side. you did just the right thing and you enjoyed it, unlike the two you met not behind the counter. LG, only we don't know it.

novisi said...

exactly sys!
LG, life is good.

i'm trilled that you notice the 'boring' other two customers i met there.

and yes it's rather sad that few people look at the other side just by pausing. i even think many hardly pause let alone long enough!

we just keep going 'all worked-up' and too ready to unleash venom!

now, sys, you make me breathe again and again, and for me that's the very essence of this blog!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

You're something, really, you know. Going after a situation which you knew would turn out unpleasant. Hmm... :)

Adaeze said...

lol you like to get on peoples nerves ? :-P

novisi said...

Hmmmm Nana,

i didn't actually know it would turn out unpleasant but at that moment i just wasn't going to let it turn out that way!

at least i shouldn't deny my spirit a lift in the midst of all the gloom! and it was raining too see? showers that made me naturally jolly!

i just couldn't let the 'typical' get to me to chew me up!

novisi said...

well, i guess when the situation suits it then one could hardly help it!

but seriously i rather just like to be served rightly by service providers!

for example, i stopped using my first mobile phone service provider simply because i was not pleased with the general attitude of their customer service persons!

i just think service providers must respect customers. consider that the lady could have just saved all of us breath if she had just answered my question first time appropriately!

so if a service provider won't make me happy, then i must make myself happy!

Tagoe said...

Customer service is not something Ghanaians really understand. Especially when the company is a public company.... Go to GCB or institution starting with a "G" then you will understand what I am saying.

novisi said...

hi Tagoe,
i get what you mean about the public institutions. the interesting bit here is that this Western Union establishment is a private one! it's just some kind of 'swine attitude' we have!

sys said...

Nov, i am thinking the swine flu might have actually started from here viz the 'swine attitude' you find here. glad you make Tagoe aware it cuts across board, private and the Gs

novisi said...

yes sys, you make the picture more complete!

you intrigue me you know!

and true, this 'swine attitude' cuts across!

it's just bad enough!

Naa said...

dose pple can be boring sometyms(Post office,ECG,GCB and more other boring public services).

Today's ranting said...

You are a funny dude.

novisi said...


i hope we can just get some life into them no matter what!

customer service must not suffer!

novisi said...

Today's ranting,

it's great to have fun!

i wonder what the world would be without it!