Tuesday, April 21, 2009

cristo king!

someone is playing foolish and deserves strong lashes that come in rapid strokes on the bare buttocks! 'perhaps'.

we are told it's 'Christ The King' in Kumasi with an International 'stretch' that has ended up playing out a SHAM!!!

why should this happen in Kumasi which is clearly not some deep 'love-me-come' forested village where radio is perhaps the greatest technology ever to reach a people let alone mobile phone with WAP and GPRS and a fully functional 3G network! WHAT THE HECK!!!

so it happened alright! okay! and i'm not blaming the Headmaster (he just needs strong lashes to calm his own thieving nerves) one bit for any wrong doing as much as i would come down hard on the head of whoever is supposed to have done the needed checks and 'inspections' and rechecking while keeping an 'unblinking eye' to ensure that the fate of young school kids are not put in such jeopardy!

now they are being told WAEC can't help them. i say WEAC is joking 'small time' (not big time). WAEC cannot tell me in the name of 'Cristo King!' that these kids MUST only wait till next year (one whole year???) before they can make any further progress along academic pursuit. a big shame on WAEC for dipping their heads so deep inside so 'dogma' boxes and refusing to see that HUMAN BEINGS NEED BE DYNAMIC!!! what the heck again!

so i'm glad an NGO is taking GES and all to court! I EVEN BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT AS COMPRISING EVERYONE should be sued for not being proactive enough! and let the one praying the judge for relief for the school kids include his name as one of the accused! we all just share in these things pal.

by the way, i heard someone once sued God the Almighty in Ghana sometime back. i need to see that man! he must have some insights i guess! ABODAM (madness) is not enough to describe these situations pal!

let someone think and get these kids to write the needed exams so that those who pass can progress while the ones who fail also get appropriate directions.



Anonymous said...

I find it strange that WAEC cannot make an exception in this sad case and give those students a waiver. They deserve to be sued.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I remember the venue of the anti-celestial suit as Sweden, no?

About the Kumasi BECE disgrace, what miffs me the most is that each district of the Ghana Education Service has an education office and an inspectorate/directorate. So many opportunities to detect the status or state or lack of these of Christ the King International before the last moment. Very many heads must roll.

Nov, not sure how any NGO's lawsuit could help the case, beyond easy publicity for such NGO :)

novisi said...

hi Anon,
i agree with you!!!

it's very strange and so they will have 'strange' lawsuits!!!

novisi said...

oh so it's rather Sweden! ok. that story tickled me to the gates of heaven!

the GES just shows how ad-hoc a lot of things are dealt with in this country! the heads must roll. but will they???

and oh, exactly, that NGO is making a good advert out of the situation and that's why i call it all ABODAM (madness).

i wonder how the lawsuit would help more than the 'ineffective' order by the Minister for education.

just ABODAM times!

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Typically, nobody has resigned out of this mess!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Nov, Nana Yaw expects heads to roll, here in Gh?? no way. sometimes i think wrong things are left to happen by those who are to check it so they can have the chance to get publicity and fill their pockets. tell me i lie then look back, and tell me again what you think. God SOKPOLISA help Ghana and all of us.

novisi said...

yes Nana, typically!

novisi said...

sure God SOKPOLISA help all of us!

your No Way! reminds me of Koku Anyidoho of a communication fame!

people must learn to take responsibilities! will they? i can only hope!

but of course there are all sorts or reasons why folks would sit aloof and one of them like you say is to pretend only to make the money!

oh! this thing called money!!!