Tuesday, April 14, 2009

obama's award

Pal, i actually marked this issue to talk about. i just couldn't let it pass.

Obama's award
we are told that the Arizona State University decided to honour Obama with a scholarship named after him instead of an honourary degree with the reason the full 'body' of his work is yet to come. AND I AGREE. i don't know why the world is so obsessed with awards for all kinds of funny leaders who have achieved little for mankind anyway! so let the award for Obama just wait.

the last time in down town Ghana Mills did a first inter-country trip to his Fante homeland to receive an award or title of 'Okunyi' or whatever and i just wonder what's the use of all that when there's WORK to be done! and i've not forgotten another example where Kufuor gave the current Ghana Chief Justice an award for being made CJ (and i don't care that she possesses the female genital organ) even before she assumed office as CJ after he the same Kufuor was the one who gave her the position anyway!

and i strayed! back to Obama, yes man, and the guy is relaxing sanctions on Cuba and reshaping the relationship! and i think it's just the way to go! Cuba has survived for so long with all the sanctions anyway when Ghana as free as she is is fed with medical doctors produced from sanctioned Cuba to better the health delivery situation. what irony???

and so what did America achieve with all the sanctions anyway??? it's about time the world realises that these 'stomach-directional' sanctions hardly work!!!

world peace!


Omo Oba said...

yop! there is some work to be done. Ghanains go to Cuba to study medicine? didnt know that.

Adaeze said...

couldn't agree with you more..the sanctions are so out of date!

novisi said...

hi Oma Oba,
Ghanaians used to go to Cuba big-time for free medical education. and all that while Cuba was under heavy sanctions while Ghana was claiming free!

just too much work to be done if you ask me.

novisi said...


how i wish our leaders would stop playing these games with us!


Tairebabs said...

There really is a lot of work to be done before awards start going out.

novisi said...

you couldn't have said it any better Tairebabs!

solemn salute!