Tuesday, March 3, 2009

oh go away!

hello pal,

there's just a lot high pitch screeming about a latest phrase in town thanks to one pastor Otabil: Generational Thinking! haaaaaaaba!

the funny thing for me in there is the fact that some make it look like it's some Eureka principle just brought from some super brains! this is so basic a fact that it stares us all in the face everyday and i would for nonsense sake call for the prosecution of any man be he/she a pastor or fetish or imam who chooses to negatively affect the lives of more pastors and fetishes and imams who are yet to be born at any time capital T.

For example all those who enjoyed the sweet fruits of independent Ghana so called and yet did not see reason to sustain let alone improve on our resources like education for me must all be lined up for questions!!!

Non-Generational Thinking Mumuni?
Now pal, I just want to blast away this guy called Mumuni of the rank of Alhaji who now is our Minister of Affairs of Foreign Dimensions However Defined! he must realise first of all that the ministry is not for his nose! neither is it for his leg nor his high powered thurbo-charged jumbo genital organ! so he must be prepared to to give us a break.

As it stands no criminality has been found against this man! so it's just fair that man Mumuni would want to stand on the grounds of innocent until proven guilty. fair deal. but why??? is he the only Ghanaian who could head our foreign ministry at this point in time.

Pal, it must be said that it's a very funny situation in that Mumuni man may choose to stay on while fighting his case alright and there would be nothing legally wrong. But it would be also right that man Mumuni would just step aside say some 5kM away from the ministry just to allow non-detraction to government business. which must a man choose??? tough?

it must be painful indeed for any man or woman to be saddled with whatever allegation upon his head or some other part of his/her body so that if affects whatever position he chooses to serve in. be it a family or clan head or keeper of a people's cowry collections!

I was one of those who called for the honourable resignation of Anani the then health minister who went representing all Ghanaians at an HIV/AIDs conference and decided to sex some gal without wearing a condom which resulted in a child on our behalf and on his own behalf. I would still call for that man to resign anyday no matter how he's out of government now! not just that there were allegations of some money going to some wrong places from the right place! Anani still owes us just a little respect for insulting that he did it to our benefit!

and so now mumuni and the charge is about money! ok. let mumuni be proven right or wrong but for the sake of peace in Bawku and Afghanistan no matter how far fetched... let mumuni too give us the peace of mind we deserve! the government of Ghana's business must go on and he must just allow that! so for that reason i say get the fuck out of the place man mumuni!! well if you don't want the fuck then you can get the sex out of there! his personal posturing is not helping matters! first he says he won't resign... then he says condition...

pal, i wouldn't have too much problems with this man Mumuni but for his own utterances and for the fact that he's been involved in constitutional controversies of needless proportions! i've not chaged mumuni for any wrong doing but for the sake of sanity let this man make way! and all those tribalistic robots calling for his stay should keep tribe out of the matter. what's all this association foolishnesh???

peace be on earth!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

About generational thinking, are you, among others, asking those of the older generations to shut up because they have messed up Ghana for us?

novisi said...

i would not be part of any such group!!! no!

i cherish the 'word' be it written or spoken or signaled by whichever means too much to want anybody to shut up on any issue!!

i'm rather one of those who think we must line up the older generation and one-by-one 'put it to them' to come clear on why they messed up after enjoying some! so i'd rather they talk more and we all talk some more too!

guess what? i had this lecturer who constantly bragged that they used to live one-to-a-room during their undergrad days! he just pissed me off and i wanted so much to ask him 'plenty' questions!

cheers man!