Wednesday, March 4, 2009

little devil ???

sweet pal,

the drive looked like an easy velocity to me standing by and minding my own biz! in fact i hardly noticed but for the abrupt veer off the road to it's rough shoulder in my direction.

i had to take speedy backward steps to ensure continuation of normal life. there was hardly time to turn first... instinct only instructed motion! and i moved like a zombie.

I first heard a plump 'mummy-like' woman scream a frightening eeiiiiiii... then i saw the front passengers door swung wide open. everything looked cool and normal and i thought the woman screamed for me to protest on my behalf for the near breaking of my bones! no pal, not so!

my attention was drawn by the loud-mouth cab driver who rained pitiful insults on the little gals who were occupying the front seat. their crime, the elder one had allowed the younger one to open the door while the ride was still in motion so that life was threatened!

the cabby called the older gal, age about 9 a witch! and she dare not bring her charms to destroy his bizness! momentarily i wondered what men and women like this guy know of responsibility first before wizardry! then i wondered too if that wasn't the same guy who nearly hit me to the ground! but i pittied more the pyschological play on the lil gals.

i prayed for them: may the Lord keep such words far from their mental growth! and the driver too, may he stop to think the world is only as good as how much money one could make without challenges!

i'm feeling solemn pal!

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posekyere said...

He, the taxi driver, appears to me to be the big devil in the whole scheme of things.
The crudeness of taxi drivers in Africa is worse than witchcraft if you ask me.