Thursday, March 5, 2009

wrong obama

yo pal,

the people of Zimbabwe are suffering big time not just because of some of the foolishness of Mugabage but mainly because of the foolishness of the western powers who are bent on achieving whatever selfish means!

I'm a fun of Mugabes verbal attacks on western powers! i go funky anytime i hear him take on the likes of Bush and Blair of an uncherished past moments! But i definitely do not want Mugabe in power any more! just cos he has nothing new to offer the people it seems! neither do i like that guy called Tsangarai or whatever! he's a miserable porn me think!

so Obama says he's renewing sanctions because according to him: ""These actions and policies pose a continuing unusual and extraordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States,"!

For Kilimanjaro's sake. is that what Obama cares about more than the cholera stricken kids of Bulawayo??? i don't want to believe so? i want to believe more that Obama must satisfy some stereotypes to buy his way through acceptance for whatever nonsense or sense!

and may God help him, but i pray more that he grows wiser to realise that it's the same foolishness by this thinking that has rendered Zimbabwe in its present state!



posekyere said...

Hi Nov,
I beg your pardon!
First, I really don't think you are aware of the extent of the damage Mugabe has wrought on that once beautiful land. He is like a curse on the whole continent, if you ask me!
His verbal attacks against the west are meaningless rants and as far as I am concerned his words are as hollow as they are hypocritical.
Everytime I hear him, I am moved to vomit. He shows how retarded he is whenever he opens his mouth.
It is not just a matter of Mugabe not being able to offer something new, he is the very reason why that beautiful country lies in ruin. All the brains of Zimbabwe have fled. All the capital has fled. And all he does is insult the west as if that will solve his problems.
Now concerning sanctions. There are no sanctions against ZIMBABWE as a country. The sanctions that existed and have been renewed are against the very top echelons of ZANU-PF, Mugabe's oppresive party. There are sanctions against individuals in Zimbabwe, not the country. America is still providing humanitarian aid running into millions of dollars every year to Zimbabwe. Mugabe's party hijacks the food and other aid offered and distribute a portion only to his party members. The rest is shared amongst the party bosses. Mugabe does not give a hoot about the cholera-stricken children of Bulawayo, Beitbridge or Chipinge. He cares only about himself. He has recently bought a $5 million property in Hong Kong.
When the wife goes on her monthly shopping spree, that is where she stays in luxury. It is the same mansion his duaghter, Bona, is using as a student of a University in Hong Kong. The Universities in Zimbabwe are non-functioning. No books. No equipment. Lecturers have fled. Students are disillusioned trying to learn by themselves. And he takes his daughter to Hong Kong for studies, spending the little forex in the country! Is the west responsible for that lunacy?
Do you know that, as you read this all public schools in the country are closed. The hospitals are closed. The water treatment facilities are closed.There is no food in the shops. And what does Mugabe do? He throws a lavish birthday party where he and his cronies dined on caviar, champagne and they very fine things of the west that he is continuously castigating. Why does a old man like Mugabe need a birthday party when little children are dying of avoidable hunger. The Prime Minister,Morgan Tsangirai is doing his damnest best to get financial aid from South Africa and other sources to pay teachers, doctors, nurses and other public servants and what does Mugabe do? He is frustrating Tsangirai's attempts every step of the way.
As long as Mugabe is in power, the misery of Zimbabwe will never ceased. He is the sole reason why Zimbabwe cannot rise up anytime soon.
When Kofi Annan and the other African elders wanted to help solve the problems in Zimbabwe, Mugabe kicked them out. they wer not even allowed to leave the airport. He deported them back immediately to Johannesburg.
It is said that, whom the gods will destroy they first make mad.He has long gone beyond the stage of madness.
His next fate is utter destruction.
I don't think he will die a natural death after destroying and slaughtering thousands of his countrymen and women who trusted him so much.
Now, gee, I am done!

posekyere said...

It's me again.
It is being reported this evening that the vehicle of Zimbabwe's PM Morgan Tsvangirai has been involved in a crash near Harare. The wife unfortunately died in the accident. The PM has been taken to hospital. He is expected to be fine since he is not in a critical condition.
This has been Mugabe's tactics in eliminating his enemies. Many of Zimbabwe's ministers who were distrusted by Mugabe ended up dead in car crashes.
The Central Intelligence Organisation, Zimbabwe's secret services is notorious for slaughtering Mugabe's opponents in this way.
Trucks coming from the opposite direction suddenly veering off and crashing into the cars of those marked for elimination.
I really hope Tsvangirai will be lifted quickly to South Africa for treatment.
The killers are after his life!

patrick said...

@Novisi,Mugabe is looser period.You see some of you so called pan African brothers and sisters do not understand how this game is played so we will keep losing and losing ..look i just turned 48yrs, sometime around the 80's got a scholarship to cuba was a big time pan african at that time which i am still but very realist about what is possible and what is not.I know cuba very well, but during the cause of my study there it Donn on me how messed up the whole system was there .You had the the so called party elite had the best of everything and once in awhile they come out give these long speeches about how good everything is ete..but you know the mass of the people lived these horrible lives.. especially black african cubans..So you know what i did i packup my bag and left that LIE...bye...

novisi said...

Hi Posekyere,
wow man! i can sense your strong feelings about the man 'Mugabage'! i share loads with you on that one too!

i get pissed off by him too! especially that he's just occupying space instead of allowing his country to move on from where he's brought them! loads of missed opportunities!

i'm no fun of Mugabe as per his actions/inactions that end up going counter to his own people!

but you see, fundamentally i love the use of words! and i believe in the freedom of expression of words and for me i just go like 'crazy' out of the sheer 'art' and fun of Mugabe's attacks on the West! that's all i sort to say there!

so man Mugabage (i think he's largely garbage now) may be a hypocrite alright but i can only have fun at what he says and see whether he makes sense or not fundamentally! and like i always say i'd rather a thief comes to tell me stealing is an evil instead of having a police man look on unconcerned!

I don't see why Mugabage man Mugabe would go enjoying a lavish B'day party while his people are dying no matter how we are told that the money was raised by his supporters! for me if he was a man of conscience he would have told those supporters to rather give the money to the poor!

but you see i did not dwell on that aspect more cos i wanted to paint the absurdity in Obama and the US action of ban! those bans just don't help! Mugabe still attended UN conferences in the US anyway with all the ban!

sure yes the west especially Britain has a lot of responsibility towards the people of Zimbabwe! they can't runaway from that now under some guise of bans and aids! they can't pretend to be giving aid! that is not what the people need! the people need self empowerment so they can fish themselves!

the funny thing is that when it suited them, when Mugabe danced to their tunes and served their economy like they wanted, The queen of England knighted Mugabe! They can't runaway from responsibility now. no!

novisi said...

hi Patrick,
i understand that you write off Mugabe just like that!

but you see, Cuba might have presented a deceptive case to you but at the same time and by similar measure, outside of Cuba too is a whole lot of deception!

i'm no socialist and i'm no capitalist. what i am simply is a believer in human development by way of solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. i'm no believer in labels that lead to nothing really.

also, i'm no pan africanist! in fact i don't believe in such sectarianism! i'm no nationalist... i'm no tribalist, i'm no believer in sectarianism!! simple as that.

in any case, the fact that one who professes to be a socialist turns out to be deceptive cannot make the guiding principles of socialism necessarily bad by itself. just as a pastor who goes chasing the wife of a man cannot necessarily make Christianity a bad religion.

so, let's just place Mugabe in perspective!

Paa Kwesi said...

If you (rightly) judge a country by standard of living of the least privileged then Zimbabwe is still pretty far down the list. That said, you should not dismiss sanctions against Mugabe's aides as being the equivalent of 'no sanctions'. Imagine there were sanctions on the top 5 American industrialists to not be able to do business anywhere in the world.

In Zim, as in many African countries, you cannot run a successful business if you don't have political connections. And so these sanctions are effectively an economic embargo--Mr Tsvangirai even called for the sanctions to be lifted:

The reality is that in any shouting match of high emotions both sides are likely to be right and wrong simultaneously. Mugabe's claim to fame in his own country is based on the 'right' part of his arguments. The rest of the world's complaints are also based on another set of 'right'. The important thing is that both sets of 'right' are represented in the current government. We should be rooting for them to succeed in establishing the right equilibrium for the benefit of Zim.

novisi said...

hi Paa Kwesi,
i'm in tune with you on the complementing 'rights'!

it's just the kind of thing i sought to point out! That we should as much as possible eliminate the wrongs! and that is why i say obama is wrong!

it's not the sanctions that solve problems! they may lead to Mugabe incurring the displeasure and hence overthrow of Mugabe BUT time and time again the world has not achieved much with sanctions!

so i would still insist that Obama is wrong especially that he promised change! this old 'ostrich-tactics' of sanctions are just much ado about nothing!

if obama is serious he would bring his own America, the UK, Mugabe and every interested party to the table for reasoning!

all they are doing is trying to 'muscle' Mugabe out of the place. that they might just achieve but then what next! by the way, Hasn't Saddam Hussein been hanged yet in Iraq??? what is the aftermath???

i call for reason. that's all!!!

and thanks again Paa!!!