Friday, February 20, 2009

mix mix


this has been one of my busiest weeks with all the happenings around me and you and everyone else!

ministerial positions:
First pal, and just one of the reasons why i think our constitution is bogus- it's about time that we as a body of one people within and without the 'artifial' borders labeled Ghana identify and fix some more ministerial positions which no 'funny' president can 'too-easily' change without seeking aproval from parliament for eg. and there must be a maximum number of ministeries for any executive! any need to exceed that maximum number could be decided in parliament too!

Mills is appointing designees, parliament is vetting and passing back nominees to Mills to swear in ministers of importance and non-importance!

the following are wasteful (we are just about 20 mil pple!!!):
minister for information
minister for women and children affairs
minister for culture and chieftiancy
minister at the presidency (in charge of whatever the presidency may tell him!)
some regional minister - 10 or them! but we don't need them at all. DCEs/MCEs are enough! and let's elect those too!

the following are beautiful duplications:
1. minister for science and technology 2. minister for communication (ain't communication largely about technology???).

and all the above would have deputy ministers??? So let Mills stop making noise that he has reduced the number of ministers. Talking about noise pal, (and i digress with glee) i believe beating one's chest and claiming to have fulfilled a promise to reduce the number of ministries by only four with all the above mentioned in place is what should be labeled noise and not public outcry against ex-gratia!!!

Zeeeeeeee 4 Zita
she has a very beautiful daughter she says pal, but she's too much!!! too much! just too much!!! and you know pal, 'too much of everything is bad' they say! so she is just bad! now i wonder what at all Atta the Mills man has seen in this lady that someone like me can't see! there's a public outcry that this lady should be dropped! so what is Mills waiting for??? what sheer display of folly-play of honouring a promise!

and pal, i'm particularly worried that we must take care on demanding promises else we would only end-up with cases like Zita! what we ought to do is identify clearly what our needs are and demand those whether promised or not!!! we can't afford to be playing on our lives with promises made by any president see! well, as for me i'm not going to demand from any president who promises to cut off my throat to honour his promise else that would amount to me playing 'buuuulu'!!

ah pal, my dear Kufuor the kufused has spoken on the matter of his own act for which i called him out to speak and not only speak but condemn his own actions wiht me looking at him without blinking an eye! but alas pal. that man has spoken and he did not only speak but he made noise! just noise! my kufused seems to only have PREMIUM for 'thank-you'! clearly he want's us to thank him for making him a leader... so he wants us to thank all our leaders! as for me i owe no leader thanks!! no leader man! i may choose to thank you, but why? must it be demanded??? and must it be demanded in such monetery terms??? someone is having 'jerked-orgasm' pal.

racial-defect - just wondering!!!
pal, i'm a proud man of the race called 'black' however that came to be! someone else may be called white or blue or green or yellow! and this has been with us since since since! so why play all foolish and act that the other man or woman of the another race is less human??? even animals like cats and goats and sheep and donkeys and hippopotamus are loved and petted by us same human beings!

but well, so we have racial discrimination alright! so what??? i don't bother about it? i don't care if a 'violet' woman thinks that a black man like me can't have a prick let alone brains or pains!!! so why do some get too worked up about racial abuse? these mostly is not uncommon in the sports world. with football in particular there have been countless of monkey callse! i remember my boy Eto'o of barca fame suffering loads of racial abuse especially last season! and many a black player have suffered same or worse across the world! and of course all these are coming after the kinds of giant steps of folks like Rosa Parks of the American civil rights movement!

and so goes the case of Ghana star John Mensah!!!

so racial abuse is a big issue!!! sure it is! but i'm just wondering... that in this day and age, if i'm called a monkey for being 'black' (i'm yet to see the part of my skin that is black still), i wouldn't have to bother at all... in fact i might just smile at the one calling me fish! and i've been called worst things already in my 'minute' life!!! why should i bother that a man chooses to spend his energy calling me names just because of the collour of my skin!!! it's a different matter if a man strikes my knees for being 'his' black-chimp!!!

and pal, i'm not saying racial name calling is 'just' not a big issue! i'm just wondering!!!

have a nice weekend!


Obla yoo said...

You know, I think the ministry of women and children is an important one. There are still too many disparities between genders, too many children who aren't being taken care of fully by parents etc etc. That ministry could actually do a lot of good and wonderful things if it's run properly. So lets wait and see. As to the others, well, again we'll wait and see.......

posekyere said...

Kudos, pal.
You really have many an issue upon your chest.
As far as JAM is concerned, he is just going through the motions, playing to the political gallery. Frankly, methinks his minimalist attempts are akin to overcoating the facade while the foundations and pillars lie in ruins.
He doesn't see the big picture.
I really wish him well. However he does not need to hit 'the P/NDC playback' button.It's not funny!
@Kuffour. For his ability to keep his mouth shut, Kuffour is not being a pain in Ghana's ass. That is smart in my view.
@John Mensah. This guy should have known by now that this barbaric view is held by many in Europe.
Why can't he ignored the dimwits and prove to them his class on the field.

Enjoy your weekend, pal.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Novisi, some venting.

About the ministers, I feel just like you. Do not fulfil promises in just any mediocre manner.

About racial abuse, I wonder why people (especially those who grew up on Afric) get all worked up like that. If somebody who knows you're not a monkey calls you one, what does it matter? What do they matter?

novisi said...

Obla yoo,thanks!

i know not many women would smile at me for posing this matter this hard! as if i don't have a mother or as if i don't love women like i do...

some point is that there are a lot of government agencies available already to tackle women and children issues! these include the police, social welfare, WAJU or whatever they are called now etc... and all the other ministries by the way have concerns for men, women and children all combined.

and sadly enough we tried this for 8 good yrs and i wonder what was achieved! even in my little corner i see a lot of rot with many orphanages in the country and all sorts or prayer camps where children are held 'hostage' under the pretext that they are witches/wizards! and where was the ministry in all it's eight yrs of life???

what shd be done is strengthen the existing agencies to carry out their madate!

else we might just want to create a ministry for men affairs! serious!

novisi said...

yeah Posekyere,
i really felt same way about John Mensah you know... he could have just chosen to be the player that he is and prove that he couldn't be detracted??? but well... a man has a choice still...

@Kufuor, i think he should just talk some like he did. it's just that what he 'talked' did not make good sense...! and we should really let everyone talk some... and it must be okay to react to whatever whoever says without pains or having to look over one's shoulders first!

JAM (the sound of this is jamming) has a duty and he must just realise it, do it and get out! that's all. that complex and that simple.

novisi said...

Oh Nana,
about the racial bit... in fact i've been wondering about this for so long now and i thought i was alone... now you and Posekyere make me see that it's just ok.

and yeah... we cannot be deceived with mediocrity at all! Mills must get that!

Thanks man.