Friday, February 13, 2009

voluntary work or gratia or ex???


i'm off to see the most talked about 'romantic nonsense'! i love stage act more than movies! you need to have something ex-tra before i can sit to watch a movie with you... else give me a copy of the movie and give me some months to work myself into the 'mood' of watching it see?

so what?
so there's a lot of talk about 'ex-the-gratia' or what is supposed to be a parting gift for MPs and Presidents from hence with retrospective effect to all living past presidents! haaaaba!

ok so what? so a certain Chinery Hesse committee was set up by Kufuor which to all intents and purposes has only proven how we can (if we allow) be preyed upon by thieves in the name of the law in broad day light under the cover of the sun and with the moon waiting to show!

so what words can describe the recommendations of the Hesse committee's report? me think the following more are even too beautiful:
abordamsem.... aaaa-sssss-eeeee-mmmm! asem.
insanity (this word sounds too sweet it's dangerous!)
buuulu sane! (Ga: foolishness)!
idiotic (i love this word man!)

so why? our leaders are not prepared to offer public service as a voluntary calling but want us to believe that we rather owe them too much for because they themselves but not us asked them to put themselves up for us to entrust them with our collective authority and purse! how not foolish pal!

so my proposal:
For Presidents:
1. No landed properties... i mean no houses whatsoever... take away from RAWlings the raw one immediately the two government bangalows he's using... let him get his own house!

2. No cars! yes or NO, no cars! all the shit talk about recieving two visitors at the same time is Bush's bull... what if he recieves twenty visitors? absolutly no cars and no cars... if cars are needed and the state is involved then state protocol can always make those available as and when needed. finish!

3. No Seed money for no project or library or whatever shit! if any president want's to run any project he should go raise his own funds... we may choose to give them tax-exempt... that's about how far we might wish to be foolish... no more...

4. Security is vital... personally i would reject any security following my every move should i become ex-president cos man, i love LIFE-clandestine... and afterall what should i be afraid off if even someone wrongly wishes to strike my head... because afterall could i ever count the number of lives i might have negatively affected as per my actions or inactions... man is human everyday! so well... let there be security alright!

5. No motor-cades... for what? nonsense!

6. No travel expenses... if after taking more than 3 thousand dollars a month for 8yrs at most and 4 yrs at least (which money in any case is only left to acrue interest or some treasury bill because the dictates of the office provides even condoms and female condoms for free in the name of presidential comfort!) and one cannot afford to travel on his/her personal purse then that man or woman must be an idiot indeed!

7. pay either pension or salary.... not both... both is foolish and idiotic combined... no sense!

our leaders must be ready to offer voluntary service or they must stay their private lives!

simple as that pal...