Wednesday, February 11, 2009


see the metal for a bell??

that's the label for those schools (primary) that were government owned and obviously less endowed than a good count of the private ones by percentage!


so i attended some of these (more than one) way back... and i just kinda recall how we used to close each day!

a talking-drum sounds (that's the name?) or a bell is rang and we are assembled in a 2pm sun and asked do 'arms-forward-stretch'.... 'stand-at-ease'... then all sorts or instructions are given out!

one hardly understands some of the things that are said anyway... but you are not just left to go... "about-turn, front-turn, right-turn, left-turn, about-turn.... DISMISS..."

and then follows a crude chorus rendered in Ga: "obishie kpe mle...dismiss...obishie kpe mle...dismiss!"...

and you should come and see us doing the marathon only to stop and do the rest of the journey by walk...


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

And syto was fun!

Anonymous said...

Obishi what? Do you know what that means cos i can't figure it out....

novisi said...

Nana, you bet! syto was fun fun!

novisi said...

'Obishi kpe mle' (really the sound of the last word goes like: "mley")

meaning something like... the rat eat the 'something'... 'something' representing the 'mley' which i don't recall what it is!

many things did not make sense back then but one just sung along anyway you know!