Monday, February 9, 2009

Daily Graphic Again?

Pal mine you!

the Daily Graphic again ooooooooo! why o why? the last time they were goofing bad about Atta Mills' choice of VP candidate! and this time...

NPP functionaries share affordable houses

and that is the headline by our state sponsored newspaper! our taxes man! i believe whoever is the editor and manager and whoever else is in there in any position of authority must be called to book.

why should a state newspaper which is mandated to report fairly without bias put out such headline. whatever be the interest of whichever interested party in this matter who finds him/herself at a position of decision on headlines at the state paper, This headline which clearly maligns one political party is totally uncalled for! it is foolish to say the least if not stupid. shit!!!

why so some people think that they must use our tax money for foolish agenda is something i don't accept and pal you must not accept it no matter which party or fan club you belong to. This is a matter which clearly must be removed from the political party npp by a state institution. No concert here pal... i just don't get the logic pal. why must we by all means see ourselves always and on any matter as either npp or cpp or ndc or shit???

well pal, i know a lot of people are jumping and screaming about that npp folks have taken the houses meant for those who can afford (affordable houses right?) but be it as it may pal, i don't support any such thievery but matters must be put into the right contexts for 'nonsense' sake!

it's foolish how our state institutions position themselves under leaderships that only seek their self interests obviously under whatever political party finds itself in the leadership of government! this is shit and this shit must be stopped! Atta Mills and his Asaga (who has asaga) must all come out to condemn this folly! so too must whoever else while the substance of the matter is dealt with!!!

Pal, if you don't understand what i mean, then what i'm say is that if this was a report from Daily Guide or any other private entity, then i wouldn't have been bothered. but for a state newspaper...! i beg to differ in all sweet folly!!!

cheers pal!!!


Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Novisi, I've always fantasised about having a blog that solely depicted our beloved state newspaper's headlines. They're something else aren't they?

That said, it's not to say what they said wasn't true. Just more of a need for the paper NOT to become political prostitutes eevry eight years, that's all!:-)

novisi said...

I'm with you!

yes, and i'm particularly critical about the state-owned institutions!

i'd love whatever any private paper want to do... i'd only challenge the truth or falsity of those...that's all!

i hope and pray!