Saturday, February 7, 2009

asaga saga

pal dear-mine-o-mine!

the last time, i was telling you that Mills should stop spending the taxpayer's money on selected religious promotions in the name of praying for reconciliation.

i was nearly moved to do a second talk on it bcos i was happy when it came out that others of other faiths came questioning! that is the spirit!! see? why select some religion and leave out others when you claim to be doing a national religious exercise??? in any case who tells Mills and his religious 'followership' and/or 'leadersihp' that we all believe in prayers fashioned in the form of some 'jerico hour' anyway??? who told Mills?

and then after the prayers what happened??? didn't we see folks at Agbogbloshie clash with the apparent attack of ndc block-heads on npp folks??? where is all the reconcilliation now??? where is the prayer? or were these folks not invited to the prayer sections? why was Kufuor not present since he too set up a whole commission for reconciliation which displayed more than convincingly how the whole agenda was about maligning some people... reconcilliatoin?? that certainly would hardly be achieved with sectarianism!

populist Victim?
Pal, i just don't get these whole 'thing' (yes thing!) of some pple deciding to play cheap instead of getting down to be UnLiKe I.C. Quaye the fake "down trodden of the people"... so let the prayer sections presented under only the islamic and christian faith seize now and let hard work begin towards reconciliation... call it populist like Malik the Kweku ONE!! that chap is just a disgrace to the high calls of journalism! This chap Kweku Baako is telling us today that Asaga the Moses who is only seeing canaan is just a victim of 'populism' and that what he did was no big deal!! hahahaha! let me laugh small pal...

(by the way, has Kweku the ONE Malik who put his reputation publicly on line and swore that the then Kufuor led government was going to get us that "barbering shop" loan reclaimed his reputation after the fiasco yet???)... sorry for the diversion pal!!

when loads are complaining about the CLEAR INSULT camouflaged as ex-gratia (the infamous!) for Kufuor and any others like him... Malik the ONE, Kweku instead of addressing the nonsense "therein herein forthwith" is rather busy about wanting us all to know who and who have enjoyed a so called "first-phase"!!! from the camp of the ndc and therefore (almost as if) we should stop complaining cos the complains amount to nothing according to him than 'populist'!! and i wonder if this guy even understands that word 'populist'??? he seems to have developed some funky love for this one word like i love the word 'shit' so much that he leaves me wondering "na which one be his own"???

Clearly it appears Kweku Baaku is 'out of touch'... Pal, whether JJ the RAW(lings) or some other ndc MPs have enjoyed with 'alacrity' the 'booty' gotten them generously by Kufuor my dear Kufused can never make the 'shear stealing of our resources in the name of the law therefore right' or that; that perhaps Kweku wants some others to admit connivance and therefore you 'you-thief-me, i-thief-you' and man and woman should go have orgasm. matter close???!

if this is the kind of standard Kweku wants then that can only be stupid of him! how foolish!!! so then why is he Malik the ONE Kweku out there making all the noise about Rawlings anyway... since he now seems nothing wrong with SHARING in wrong doing!!! Pal, if i were Kweku the one, i would be calling that that Chinery Hesse and group be put before trial for causing us financial loss willfully with glee... yes, they caused the loss with glee...

why would anybody want to 'compensate' another for being president...??? "compensate?" pal, that is the word the Hesse committee chooses to use for thier looting of our resources under the guise of the law!!! somebody would say they are clever... me i would say they are thieves!

so Malik should get this thing straight and stop fooling about... well he may just choose to continue fooling about... it's a choice and i'd reserve the choice also to describe his folly as i may please amidst all the human love i have for him...

So Moses the Asaga should also stop calling for mercy... he must by now be apologising to us all for 'misbehaving'... he's certainly a bad example by this conduct... and not too long ago he was the one beating his own wife anyway...! where are the femisnists against whom i stand myself for being feminists and not humanists???

so pal, Asaga has done wrong (which wrong is the unilateral decision without recourse to appropriate authority, unless otherwise revealed) and let whoever took part in the wrong be held accountable... i wont congratulate or thank Mills for this action of his because it's far about time that we demand responsibility and accountability... i only hope that the saga of Asaga is allowed to permeate all sectors of our governance... let Mills know that we won't be fooled if that's what he's up to... and let the likes of Kweku who are too happy to 'share' in wrong doing stop fooling...

pal, i'm with you in prayers...!



Obed Sarpong said...

I haven't read the whole piec; but i'll be back. And my dearest pal, when did you stop advocatingutter freedom even to shit on the streets of Accra which may already be dirty.
Do you see what that breeds. Allow DG

novisi said...

hi Obed, you know you r alwayz welcome.

but dearest you, i never advocated for anything like "gutter" freedom... (i know the piece calls for a lot of editing work which i've not find time to do yet)

but if there be any kind of freedom that i'm more than passionate about and for which i call for 'absolute' freedom, then it is the FREEDOM OF SPEECH... in fact i call for total freedom of expression in words, written or typed or voiced or signaled... bcos i believe these don't cause any physical damage!

then again, if my take on Kweku Baaku who i consider to be a sham (for failing on principle) is what is thought to be a reversal of my call for freedom of speech then that can only be too far from the truth... because amidst all the typos and delibrate nonsense in my write-up IT IS VERY CLEAR WHAT I WISH TO SHARE...

and what i wish to share is simply that pple like Kweku Baaku do not have the moral standing because they cannot relate to the core of issues. instead they want us to believe that all is fine since someone else too was involved in a certain wrong!

a wrong is a wrong!

come back man!