Friday, January 30, 2009

national 'jerico' day

what is this thing about the 1st of February my month of birth being designated by man Mills as a day for all to go down on our knees in supplication to the most high God that we will receive reconciliation from above the skies???

I know Ghanaians are so religious to the extent that some women of an AGLOW or so would gather when it's announced that Ghana has found oil and cry out loud... "thank GAAAAAAAAAAAAAD (it was the sound of the letter 'A' pal) for oil"

Some time back too when authorities of the then Ghana Airways could not find any more logic they decided to organise prayers for the then airline with whatever hope....

and here we are today and Mills man want's us to join him to pray for reconcilliation??? well, not a bad thing to pray for, but i think it's bogus to call us all to gather for this exercise... i won't be there Mills and i want to scream that into your ears!

reconcilliation won't drop from above the skys or wherever some heaven is... what we ought to do is to work to achieve reconcillation... work and work hard... you must reach across the political divide to your rivals... you should have called man Nana Akufo-Addo (man me think doesn't promote unity enough) by now and let us all have full insight or hint of such a move... you should have long condemned attacks on npp folks by ndc folks and do same for npp folks who attack ndc folks. you should have done these with clear pointers that we are all Ghanaians (if you won't admit human beings with a global view beyond your artificial borders!) and that every Ghanaian life is important... you should have asked for an inquiry into the so called npp-refugees saga by now...

so all these funny acts of 'national day of prayer' or whatever would yield nought if serious steps are not taken by you the most powerful of all Ghanaian citizens to heal true and percieved wounds... i've been seeing too much of folks who should be at work gathering during peak hours claiming to be praying in the bushes of Achimota and other places like 'Jerico' for 'Jerico hour' on the spintex road... the last thing i want to see now, man Mills is a gathering of able-bodied men and women gathered by you to a national jerico hour! after all what does the bible on which you 'mis-swore' your oath of office not say about faith and work...???

meanwhile, the last time I checked Ghana is supposed to be a secular state and not one bound by any religion... so just keep your faith to yourself and the synague pastor now! else let's have days for all the other believes as well including Antoa-Nyama and Nogokpo and Barhai and Hinduism and ....and... and not just Christianity and Islam...

let us work towards reconcilliation..

cheers pal!

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