Sunday, January 25, 2009


***i just chanced on this thinking man***

pal dear,
i've not written a poem in a long time... and so i find the following piece very inspiring for that part of me... however i must tell you that this poem is one that is coming out of me trying to question my very self and in so doing questioning society at large as to why we wait (for what?)... i believe that many of our problems are self-inflicted and if only we would spend a little time to 'look into the mirrors of life"... pause and THINK..., then perhaps we would realise that "there's nothing new under the sun" as we are told...

well, i'm not a good commentator of my own poems... i have long realised that.... so just know that the following poem is inspired out of questions i started asking again (i've long been asking these though) after Tsatsu Tsikata spoke at the Du Boi Centre in Accra after getting his bail (which bail i need further education on- amidst all the conflicting legal tales- as to how come after the presidential pardon..., but that's not the point here anyway!)... so in a sense it's a follow-up on my previous posting titled tsatsu the ant... (especially so because i'm not sure i make much sense in that prose).

pal, enjoy!_________

my fellow MAN of old,

should you
wait for the sunset
before you know
there'll surely come the sunrise?

should you
escape the reality
of your own breath
find comfort
in a lazy chair
with a glass of red-wine in hand...

and so
take for granted
the root causes
that the solution
lies in just bombing
the one holding
the gun of terror??

have we not fought
with bows and arrows
clubs and machetes

with sub-atomic forces and gases
have we not fought with guns and bullets
for so long?

and you
my fellow WOMAN of hope,

must you
wait for the birth of one Obama
before you know that
half-of-a-BlackMan president
is possible in the 'US of A'??

should you
not open your mind
to explore the vastness
of the human spirit?

must you first be jailed without justice
before you know
that others have long suffered injustice

must you become the victim
before you know
you must fight
to prevent the situation?

must you?
should you?

must you
wait for the rainfall

thunder storm...

must you
wait for the sunshine?

ok now pal, i want you to not forget that really people do think afterall... in fact we've been thinking about all sorts of things... be they true or imaginary... see below and enjoy still...


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

The critical theme of the poem is beautifully true. But the truth of life is man only learns and acts from experience. So while we must not wait to be hurt to feel our neighbour's pain, the greater sin is still to ignore our neighbour after we've experienced what he feels everyday. Did I make sense? Well...

novisi said...

oh Nana, you more than make sense...

you make this whole process look like complete suddenly...

the fact of life is just too 'painful' sometimes...

the two scenarios you paint are just true... and i know i've waited some... i'm guilty...

but i just wish we keep faith with the first option more and ultimately we must not just feel the pain but be conscious at all times that everything is possible under the sun (whatever everything means!)


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

I think you've just found a pearl in life, Novisi. Keep is well and use it for us all.

novisi said...

Nana, i hear you and i'm learning...