Monday, October 6, 2008


hi pal, been awhile apologies to bore you but take the following to spark a debate. cheers:



i was seated before

she walked in


hips swaying

almost gyrating

in a slow story-telling motion

fitted by a desert-hot

shadowy short skirt

setting her legs free to feel EarthAir

her feet angled to earth

on elevated heels

with a slopping tease

her toes almost kissed earth

with every one of her

pretentiously delicate steps

she had on a spaghetti top

lacy and windy

hanging just above her wavy navel

revealing skin so groomed

it makes a man kick

as she got closer

the bangles adorning her arms

rang a collourful mix

of purple, pink, yellow and green

she took a seat by the next table

with her spellbinding backside

arched to my wowed eyes

but before I could breathe in

the spread of collours

of the weave of beads

that circled her waist

she turned and arrested my spellbound eyes

and it was as though she wanted to ask:

Guilty? or Not Guilty?


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Guilty, guilty, guilty! Take me to jail! Arrestingly beautiful poem. Makes up for the long wait, no?

novisi said...

place your hands ready for the cuffs...away to jail...hehehehehe

thanks for sharing...

posekyere said...

This is so beautiful!
Reading the post I can actually see the picture of the whirlwind you are describing.
Hope you were not uprooted by the pwer of this tornado!