Monday, October 20, 2008

foolish acts


there's a guy about town who thinks he can take us all for a ride!

Pal, i wouldn't scream it to the whole world by published word if i should hear that you got yourself involved in banned stuff if i don't have equally published word, and this time, hardcore (and i don't mean the other ones) photo and or video as evidence to back up my a**

so why does this guy Victor Smith (read this and that) think that he could come telling us that he's got *hearsay evidence* that the president (and i don't call 'that one' that anyway-bcos i think he's just way unfit to be my president->and that's a very very very charitable way of putting it) has been involved in some shady deals in oil fields and so we should all jump!? how so cheap? and how so not cheap?

hearsay evidence? that's just one foolish act! stupid! 

Me think just like you *may choose* to think or even pray and believe, that this person who JUST HAPPENED on us as the president of Ghana called Kuffour has done too much EVIL (not the religious sin, note) to merit us lashing him out of the presidency with sharp whips like it's done in some sharia states! And most importantly one needs not go to search for the ills of this bad man on the moon! so someone tell Victor Smith to put up or shut up!!

(well only about the way he's going on on this particular issue....he may sure scream out loud on other issues...and even this same issue if he chooses to continue...well...just bcos i believe in freedom of the word)! but please, one must not give this *bad* man any *false self-assuring* impression or reason to dare point a finger!

one small point worthy of thought me this is that, I don't believe that Ghanaians voted for Kufour because they believed in him (well, i'm included for the first term, not the second...i supported) but rather people wanted the NDC and their ills out of the way and he Kuffour whom i affectionately call *the Kuffused* just HAPPEND to be by the we picked him)

and pal, another one. This one is such an act that just makes you feel so insulted you want to insult back as well...or at least by some self-refining; you may just want to ask WHY? as in: "Madam, why did you just insult me?"

some think insult is only when you call a fellow an ASS!? (and i just spelt that out loud). me think not! so well why would this woman who was awarded a state medal by the president just because he *himself* nominated her and got her to be the first woman chief justice of Ghana (and i just heard someone ask what good would it be if instead of Obama *hopefully* all we get is Kwame Kilpatrick becoming the president of the US of A as the first black man! ??? question marks) she can get away with statements that just insult our intelligence to the core? ? ?

This woman want's us to believe that the Judiciary in Ghana is so PURE that no one and absolutely no one does (or can do) a remote control of the HUMAN BEINGS who sit on the cases of the land. and she want's the little kids in KG to believe her infantile throw-about???question is, what at all is that thing called logic anyway? how so cheap an act? and how so not foolish???

or is it just a play of the ostrich? see no evil, hear no evil??? how so not cheap again!!!?

and pal, with all my obsession for Obama and NOT because he is black, see if this isn't just so cute of a 106 year old mum who lived through the years of crazy segregation and  did the electric slide up until the age of 103. The world certainly is in need of a fresher air!

cheers pal.
keep up the fight!

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