Friday, July 11, 2008

gimmie my sovereignty!

Look me Look you!
See me See you?

(it's a two line poem which i hope to put in versions of different shades!)

the above photos display two states of the same thing called idiocy...or do you see a difference? on the left is the OneTime self-entitled Emperor Bokassa of Central African Republic and on the right is the NowTime self-entitled Kuffour of Ghana, the all too good beyond excellence and beyond still...

meanwhile, me need some sanity around me balls pal...! do!

INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY (Kofi Anan talked about it before):
i've been off the blogaworld for a dazing short while; during which time i've forced-found space to do a self inquisition...looking 'down' into myself and questioning myself...can i give me a PERSONAL SOVEREIGNTY?

I have become appalled for some time now by actions and inactions of leadership in my country of origin Ghana! and by those of other countries both far and near enough to cause me headache... I've been wondering... what's there to gain from a collective political structure that time and time again only ends up bestowing on an innocent fool like me even grander fools of orders of higher magnitudes who do not only fail on delivering on promises but spit on you and top it up with insults to your raw intelligence!

Now, i've been nurturing the idea...turning it in multitudes of permutations and combinations, over and over, round and round, side-ways, to and fro... all in flips of different sizes of pages of different collours and textures! how many different re-arrangement could one achieve in all a life-time really? but pal, me need a personal sovereignty. I mean i wish i could achieve a state of my person where i don't have to associate by birth or death of me with any so called country! AND YOU DARE PREACH ME PATRIOTISM!!! no don't... i know all about means you must wear it -LIKE a national flag-lapel tagged to your clothed chest! what's to derive from such by merely displaying it in all fun-fair without upholding a true spirit of HUMANITY!

as a matter of fact, i find this whole concepts of nations, states, empires, republics, kingdoms (and try to call it monkey or chimp and the name changes nothing) very inconsistent with the human spirit! sorry pal, i really wanted to say i find it very stupid...and i just wish i wasn't a part of it all.

but i'm still reaching deep into my spirit to find out how to free my spirit...i believe i deserve better...don't you and me think NOT the same! differences make it all beautiful...

BLING-BLING!! - 50 CENT comes to town:
i already did my blog justice by hurling it (yes it) out @ (no email address here) my president (i've hardly given him that recognition, i don't lie...) much to my own unsatisfied-insatiable-satisfaction in my 'concerty party' post.

but the matter won't just go away! the man actually goes ahead to award himself in the style of the Bokassas, Idi Amins and the Mobuto Sese Sekos... now we learn what it has cost us!

Ghana spends $1.4m on gold medals

and i just can't imagine how many kids have died out of malaria which situation could have been helped if not for such ARROGANT DISPLAY OF IDIOCY! LINK

{Kuffour in his full blings...and with him are Akuffo Addo, his party's presidential candidate also fully attired in his 'by-heart-given' award, along with heads of the security services and their awards. The one whose face is covered by Akuffo Addo is obviously (by the head DESIGN) the Chief of Staff; his award can be seen around his neck.}

But BBC's Will Ross thinks 50 Cent just landed in Ghana? -that we compare our Kuffour (whom i affectionately call the Kuffused with abundant love ever since i realized his head was full of confusion) to 50 Cent? or he want's me to think he coined it himself? fact is, we (i frankly don't know how many of the 'we' though) compare him Bokassa of stupid memory!

but Will Ross did not do much justice by not showing picture of the Kuffused one with his gold medal envisioned, initiated and created by him, earned by him and only him and given to his person by his same person with another award winner Chief Justice (who also go awarded right after being appointed by same kuffused even before she took her oath of office) who only did the SYMBOL-THING (mind, not symbolic-there must be a difference!) of hanging it around his neck. two shameless ones flock together i guess! else if i were her i would have resigned my position to save hard earned integrity! do they have any sense of sensitivity at all, these shameless ones, do they? take a fabulous look at the two below? tell me what you see pal...!

looks like the man Kuffused cherishes his gold medal more than the will of the people to have him as president by whatever, me think, design of unfortunate think!

Pal, in sum, i refuse to be associated with such buffoonery! So gimmie my soveriegnty...while i continue to think through how to maze my spirit through all the haze imposed on man by man! gimmie my sovereignty!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Will symbols, symbolic and shambolic things continue to cost more than the necessities of life? Like Health, Education?

My balls remain sane, Novisi, my friend, but I am also still reeling from the self-adulation we've all just witnessed.

But I stray into the political, from which I am barred. Enough!

Nina said...

Hi Novisi... Just came to your blog - through the comments on Nana Yaw's own... small world... glad to hear you are writing.

Muze said...

hmmm. yes there are definitely better things they could be spending money on.

lol @ you wanting sovereignty. lol.

so is all still not well?

what's wrong? sending cyber hugs.

novisi said...

i wonder too you know! but beyond that i seriously think not. we must have our priorities right. else there's no point. and you know, sometimes we are just pushed to the wall of politics...which i believe in a broader sense defines almost everything around us anyway!

small world true...i'm trying to keep the's's not's uplifts the spirit still...

hmmm....say again!

my wanting sovereignty is something down in my spirit...i don't think i have enough space yet...
and you that one--all--yes that one...all can hardly ever well at any one we keeping the soldier know, that's what i mean...but the hope's for all to be well...hopefully!
hug hug to you sweet self too!

Don said...

wow @ the 1.4 million spent on gold medals. just wow. i don't understand that one. that's an awful lot of money to be spending on a pieces of jewelry.

what's to derive from such by merely displaying it in all fun-fair without upholding a true spirit of HUMANITY! same way i feel about the so-called democracy being 'presented' here in America.

I mean, clearly that is not hardly the truth.

Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Me wonder. Too much money on this thing.
But tell, if you think the president of the republic of GHANA self-titled himself as president, what and how do you mean. Remember, you turned around and said you recognise him with that position. Do you see what i'm talking about?

Well i think me have some damn sovereignty in my pocket and my life, my little hut in Osu too. What do you think man.

I like the photos though.

I also think comparing prez Kufuor and Bokassa is unjust, not parallel and incomparable. Both in deeds and in thoughts that manifest from the duo. I don't know who think the comparison(since you used 'we'). As for Will Ross, he can compare his throne to to any pimp anywhere! I don't see reason.

We all want the best; that is what we strive at.

Christian said...

It Unbeleiveable. $1.4 mil on medals? Thats indirectly stealiing money from the state because if this is pure gold as u stated in ur writing, its money for them which they will be kept by them for generations to come. If am right brothers and sisters who might read this comment,I will call this self gain by betraying the trust of the people of Ghana for their own personal gain. Thats it having a fortune out from yours office.Consider nations with good economic Background, None of them will spend such money, giving out Pure Gold medals for its cabinets or its staff, its never happened any where In the world. That I know.There are people with sickness and disease even no food to eat out there.Please if u do tell me. There are other better things for the president to do with such amount of money.great writing we making the way for them to go. Its to much WOHALA. keep writing Brother.

novisi said...

WOW Don, Wow...
i just hope we will all learn...i hope!

Obed, more love to you:
just too much money for foolishness
I clearly see what you talking about...
but me continue to wonder too...knowing very well that we can't for all the sweat of man ever even gamble to imagine that just because our president is elected by the people then the whole process of democratic participation must end at the ballot box and leave everything else to the president and only him to decide as and when he wishes because we have granted him some so called prerogative!

SO you see, i see what you talking about!
i mean, with all my talk of sovereignty...i recognise the complexity of the situation and admit in many ways than my head can count that it's not a thing to just wish happen!

so i said i have hardly recognised kuffour as the my president (i'm by default a Ghanaian-a think my spirit does not share really) because apart from calling for change with all the voice i had, he has time and time proved me right that in the first place he just happened to be THE ONE AROUND WHEN WE CRIED CHANGE! a shame so far as i'm concerned! (when you don't have a good choice out of an available lot that's what happens)... so that's what i mean there

so Really, I never talked about the president entitling himself fact i make the point that it's the people who put him there which issue he more than needs to note and so not resort to doing things anyhow in the name of prerogatives!

yes obed, i think too that you got that much sovereignty in your pocket, life and hut in Osu, but unfortunately that's all there is...we should demand more from leaders who almost want to turn to gods instead of serving us! they are our servants see?

as for prez the kuffused and bokassa the's just spot on! why? first let me photograph the mathematical trickery about parallel lines...thing is that they don't meet until in space according to some more recent science...

but i don't want us to go that far into space so let's just see the bare truth right close buy...and it doesn't cost much to do justice...just imagine two different lines intersecting a point and there you would see the comparison between kuffour and bokassa! THE POINT IS THAT THE TWO HAVE A MEETING POINT...!

and exactly the point you make about Bokassa is the reason why we are doing the comparison to point out that only people like that crave was medals and foolish self importance! so our president must not go down that road...

we wish for the best pal! we do!

novisi said...

hi christian,

you need to start blogging man!

i see you have strong points...

just let the world hear your voice

thanks man!

Kajsa Hallberg Adu said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog post with the same theme - this medal foolishness! We need to protest against it!

You are sadly so right it is all a "look at me" thing.

novisi said...

Kajsa Hallberg Adu,

and you are just so right: 'we must protest!

mo respect!

Kwansema said...

*taking a deep breath*
novisi, i must admit, u av put a great point across. Yes you av.
Coming to think of it, it is an awful lot of money to spend, on something lyk this!
But novisi, couldn't "we" av put the points across in another way?
well, it's just a thought, ryt?

novisi said...

Kwansema, thanks for the *deep breath*
gives loads of meaning to the whole idea -> breathe, just breathe! ...see?

and see too? it's not just about the money... it's also about feeling so rawly dealt an insult to the sense of intelligence with so much follow-up arrogance of refusing to acknowledge that leadership was at fault...

THAT IS HOW DEEPLY SOMEONE LIKE ME FEELS ABOUT THIS (and i nearly said again 'this shit').!

so taking a cue from my basic principle that, it is leadership that owes the people 'leadership' and that the people do not owe leadership a dime, then for me and the likes of me (and it may just be only me), putting the point across in whichever way doesn't really matter once it's simple expressions from the heart devoid of physical attacks!

[and let me quickly add that i'm not one of those who think that violence is an ABSOLUTE NO... no! cos if an armed robber attacks me and i could, i would kill him first with a BLAZING gun]

so, my dear, let's put the point across...let's extend the length and breath of freedom of speech... especially when leadership is expressing itself to such INSULTING idiotic extents without minding the sensitivity of others!