Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Audacity of no GUN-SHOT

pal mine,

we must celebrate humanity through this achievement! LINK.

Obama spells out the kind of underlining principle for me as brightly on our horizon with the coming of the dawn as the path to chart for a renewed and re-energizing of the human spirit with new visions!

I find that it's about time we stopped the antagonistic characterisations and look to build bridges. I share in the struggles of rebels around the world. for example why should people in the Niger Delta in Nigeria be so deprived of their own resources only to be forced to pick up guns and bombs...i share in the spirit of the human to the core!

so for me where you stand should only be a different if not unique must not be seen as a bad collour...and i don't know if i make sense...but this achievement for me is beautiful for the fact that lives were preserved! not a single shot from no blood-happy blazing gun!

I'm humbled by this daring achievement by my fellow human beings. For me it tells that nothing is impossible. There surely are better ways of handling whatever human situation and we must use our heads.

I think the world has been deprived of logical and reasoning leadership with the coming of the likes of bush in America, Kuffour in Ghana, Blair in UK and all the other wastes! so let the world have a massive change!

and so is hollywood coming out with the re-enactment soon. Pal, i can't wait for that premier!

Yes we can! (to borrow from the obama campaign)


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Novisi, what to say? I have read your post. As usual, you make the point finally in one poignant, audacious, unforgettable paragraph. Good one.

Muze said...

wow. what an interesting story. glad they were all delivered safely.

and the way in which they were rescued can only be described as genius.

hope all is well friend! *smiles*

novisi said...

@ Nana,
thanks loads...

yeah, very interesting one...
all is not well...*smiles back*...some well...some not well...
thanks loads...