Thursday, July 24, 2008

few moments of pride

i've lately been reading more blogs: Kwansema, Kajsa Hallberg Adu and Que? , deep and lovely reads. and yeah, th3s3 bunch are just lovely specials- u got to read them some!

Citizen of the world:
that's what this man is. and a true one for that matter [though i don't see why Iran must not make it's weapons if America has one- (though i stand for a free world devoid of Nuclear weapons)]--> America dare not fail the world...VOTE FOR HIM and let's cultivate others like hime and more than him!

Ivory Coast humbles
they take steps however meager me think to show concern...and it did not come easy though cos the people fought for it with more threats of demonstration...the hard way sadly...

but pal, these are the kind of examples that our African leaders need to be setting. and i dare say the leaders of Ivory Coast dare not ask for applause for these actions of theirs let alone some form of awards for doing what they ought to do!

Africans (i'm an african-tagged citizen of the world) are just tired from non-thinking non-sensitive leaders who don't want to accept that care in the use of public funds is part of their RESPONSIBILITY and makes me see that this response (link) is foolish! point is who told this man that we are asking for 'cut and paste'. For Christ's sake (i'm no religious fanatic!) that is where one realizes that intelligence counts-> not necessarily 'cut and paste'

Renewable Energy:
It is the way continue to wonder with all the fight over oil, where will the world end up since fossil fuels are bound to finish like phisssss! so Dr. Joseph Adelegan and Chewang Norphel give me more pride and hope into the future as one of the citizens of the world.

Quest for Excellence

Kwesi Amoak certainly makes one proud too. I was there at the launch and sure we have to share in his achievement.

Religious meat:
oh this thing... i wonder what next will come to man to eat! without an apology to no man like me, i'm just a far cry from any religion... and...and...and, i'm neither one who does not believe in a super super super power! there surely must be one...according to me...without apologies still...and more ellipses too...

what else to say? hey.... i missed the first meet up of bloggers in Ghana for sure...really cute looking folks...too bad... but i pray to make it to the next meet (not meat).

Th3 Lett3r A:
meanwhile pal, I'm loving this guy called Asafa. and i'm praying the olympics' spirits deal him well...he deserves a doping man! else i will withdraw my support! for now go all the way man...keep going!

The letter Z:
Pal let me end by wishing my folks in Zimbabwe the very best as they seem to be making some way towards unity for progress!



Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Yes, Novisi, but these moments of pride are many and not a few.

About the named Bloggers, yes, they are awesome!

novisi said...

yes Nana, you are right!
I missed the bloggers' meeting! too bad that.

and well, i appreciate that the cup is a 1/4 full and not 3/4 empty is a cool language.

let's just continue to hope for the best!