Friday, June 20, 2008

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A lot has been happening on my side of the world lately...

Tsatsu & the number 5:
So they nailed (i don't mean he's guilty...the court says so!) one of our sons of the land amids so much fishiness to 5yrs...but who's got the rotten fish...i know time will tell pal. care to READ?.

My country (i'm not a fun of these artificial divisions called countries apart from for sporting reasons like the olympics) has this "thIng" called law; labeled 'causing financial loss to the nation' for which if/when one is 'found guilty' (no! deemed is a better word than 'found' in these circumstances) he/she must be made to do time or whatever so apportioned!

me tink that pal, that tHiNg called law is so vague and with all the powers in this country vested under the bushy or clean-shaven armpit of one man labeled president, it just passes for a gun-powder to aim @ political opponents!

I've heard the opposition leader, brother-man Atta Mills the prof. one say it's NOT a bad law but for it's implementation! i want to ask him...if the law is that good, how come it lends itself to so much crazy manipulation in it's implementation that it leads to the mess for his own party man...paL, that tHinG is sh*t law. period!

I am one of those who simply believe that people voted into power MUST JUST ACCOUNT to 'the people' (whoever they are...the people...heeeehe!) if to even an absolute degree! I still believe that former Prez. Rawlings still has questions to answer 'the people' for example on his leadership. Period!...period(do i have to repeat? or do i know what it means to say period? heeehe!). because pal...the actions or inactions or these folks affects 'the people'! false?

So if it's true that this man Tsatsu whose name translates into 'house-fly' in Ga (the man is not a Ga man(he's Ewe)--funny how language plays tricks) is guilty then he must account...but he must be treated fairly by the dEmAnDs of the constitution...else let's go back into time and just roast him up without bothering whether he's guilty or innocent!

I've heard people on the side of the ruling NPP say that he is luck to have had his time in court...and he should be grateful 'cos gone are the days when others did not have the opportunity and yet were punished! it's true...but question is: is the constitution based on luck? why this rubbish outburst ouT of GENUINE HURT?

For me the funny thing is that these NPP guys are smelling terribly bad with questions hanging over the president himself as leader and only God knows how man of them would be thrown into jail if this law is maintained on our books when The Time Is Come For Reckoning!

and one other thing irks...they throw the opposition folks into jail and then the president turns round acting some Father Christmas and releases them under some pretending amnesty! and he is thanked for doing so! how so not cheap!

may we wake up to WisdomTime pal!


I'm glad pal, that i'm back home after some niceTime in Rabat, Maroc. I bet the way the media portrays this folks is fake! Forget the religion...i'm no believer in it...none...They are nice people! simple!

well, see below a shot of me trying to take a shot of another folk(not captured)! some very beautiful lady took the shot...actually she caught me unawares! This was at the EMI college where thugs of the IT industry gathered to do knowledge sharing! enjoy!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

As a legal person, I look at the Law of Causing Loss legally and not politically. Now, economically, I think that when a person has been fairly found guilty, the State benefits more if the person were ordered to pay back the money. What does jail time do for the State?

As to whether the law is good or bad, I have heard good reasons for swinging either way. But I believe the underlying principle (accountability) is good.

novisi said...

Thanks for putting your professional expertise aboard this crazy boat!

and i can't agree with you any more!

I used to live at roman ridge and everyday i used to see prisoners being taken round to fetch feed for the goats/sheep of the prison officers of the Borstal Institute!

This country must redefine the prison system...and we must not only look at what the nation gains...we must look at what the individual gains too...the whole idea about punishing must be looked at must not just be punishing anymore!

I am all for accountability yes, i'm with you.