Friday, June 13, 2008


the world i'm pretty sure is still rotating about it's axis while at the same time tracing it's path of revolution about the sun! True!

and i warn you pal, with love, to sift out the substance from my 'nonsense'. True too, that one!

The Ban:
so out of 'the nowhere'...yes the nowhere, man, came this foolish outburst! Rid Ghana of non-iodized salt - Prof Lartey LINK

truth is, i've heard it before...some other folks have come out same or at least in similar fashion with ugly cuts and sawings! and what will all that mean if not just another plain foolishness!

i keep wondering whether some just want the fame that comes with such useless shouts or it's just plain ignoramus to a stupid degree or what? or is it all a deliberate attempt to confuse the folks with legislation to guarantee a selfish inflow of donor funds into some private pockets or some cut of a deal from some big industry tricksters? Pal, i mean what is it?

so there we go...ban it...ban it...ban it...! and then all the people will no more suffer iodine deficiency! period...absolute, right? what happens on the other side of the coin? or we don't have to care? how just so foolish this other plain foolishness! huh!

Foolishness @ The Peak:
so we have come to know pal that iodine is essential a mineral in the diet of man for sustenance! There are too many materials out there to check out so i don't have to bother you with a GIGANTIC recap of some of the SCIENCE thought in primary school.

but why would someone like this prof man who is supposed to have read so well the books decide that the way to go is to call for a ban on the consumption of natural salt? is it a lack of appreciation of the fact that life is not as simple as they want to fix it and for that matter every minute detail of the biological system is important? is it just a case of reading and subsequently reciting what one has read to an audience without applying any logical sense! that is foolishness!

so ' whot '? so he means someone like me should be prepared to go underground to get this 'stuff' (as then salt will soon become a part of the 'stuff' family), because i will tell him straight that i will not bow to any such illogical restriction on my diet.

for me Salt is one of those things that give the world charm! taste it and you will have the salty taste, right? or wrong?

the reason why the attempt is being made to carve out salt as incomplete without the addition of some industrially processed iodine is one that intrigues my scrotum into a funny ball still with blessings!

Check Points:
so who says we all need extra iodine? elementary science teaches that iodine is required in only little quantities to keep the body going. so why the noiSe? if i'm well and ok within the limits why must i be forced to consume more when that MAY even result in abuse?

what this prof should be doing is for him to launch a search and help party that would go out there into the woods and see who really needs this extra iodine because of some critical condition so that they are supplied with it. it's obvious that the prof and the likes of him want the easy way out without bothering what the after effects will be! foolish again!

it's not every body who needs this extra iodine...we already get iodine from sea foods also! and the non-iodized salt is enough for some! Some crazy head like mine should shout to this prof man to stop attempting to put us all in one box! At least he has not come to do a test on me!

another vital question to ask is: what is the source of this iodine that they are adding to the salt? organic or inorganic? The whole world has come to suffer so much out of senseless consumption of chemicals as medication...drugs! I like my body to remain as natural in readiness to return to MOTHER EARTH as much as possible...don't force me to do otherwise....stupid? or yes!

Serious Letter:
pal, and i want to warn you again: if this man manages to have his foolish wish translated into my restriction, i would write a VERY SERIOUS LETTER LIKE THIS ONE to the powers that be including my humble self (i have power too which i'm not unaware of) to rethink!



Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Poor me! There was I thinking this business was all about salt. Now my eyes are open, and I see it is about the natural state of things, choice, scrotal sacs, self-opinionated minds, and trace elements.

novisi said...


thanks nana for sharing...

serious matters make me crack-up sometimes...just can't help it...

and hey...thanks for opening my eyes wider too...


Muze said...

hmmm. interesting. so it's not about salt?


novisi said...

no muze!

it's just a lot crazy more!


Muze said...

okay. guess you're just waaay smarter than me. lol.

j/k... i get you.

great writing.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

And, angst, Novisi, makes you resort to refering to your pudenda? ;-)

novisi said...

i guess not muze...i derive my inspiration from pillars like u Self...true!

and thanks for sharing!

hehhehehehe...Nana, anguish sometimes takes the itch down to the 'down' and one can hardly resist the blezings and the blazzings...true u kno!