Thursday, June 5, 2008

obama - yes we can

so a black man's son becomes the nominee for a major party-Democratic Party and a very possible president of the USA!

pal, some say this is historic (and it's true to the extent of the books)...yeah...yeah...some say they never saw it coming...huu...huu! well, what do i say? i say no big deal...i saw it coming LINK huh!? you don't understand right? how could a black man like me like obama not be top over the hills for history made? and then i will tell you by repeating 'it's no big deal man!'

so let all those who are suddenly making huge mountains out of this 'history' shut-up. and they claim that it's a pointer to the blacks that the US gives equal opportunities....(knowing well how far better it is compared to most other parts of the world) i still ask: really?

for me all this thing about history will be null if not 'and void' if this history is not translated into a meaningful action towards transforming the equal or at least close to equal distribution of resources in the world for the use of man...if it's not geared towards making the world a better place for all and so on so that we don't have the kinds of bush who would have the guts to even stand before proper thinking human beings! it will all mean nothing if the it's not geared toward achieving a more racially world...where the collour of the skin doesn't matter and is actually made a non-issue... let us make the collour of the skin a non-issue when it comes to rights and responsibilities! i mean i should not even care if some fool calls me a monkey because i'm black...i would always raise the bar above such folly because the stakes are far higher now!

i thank God that obama himself is not making too much out of this 'history' thing like some are doing LINK and i'm happy too that he sounds unifying-that is the spirit...There's a lot of work to be done and i hope that obama quickly realises that...and he sure appears to because if i were him this is exactly what i will be doing LINK

and just before you get me all wrong...i'm not saying it's not important that this is seen as historic but i'm simply saying that let us focus on the essentials and leave out that which doesn't really matter! period.

what is this?
amidst the quest of motives and all, i find this rather funny but isn't this still news: LINK


Muze said...

i'm simply saying that let us focus on the essentials and leave out that which doesn't really matter! period.

i wholeheartedly agree. i too feel the core of the matter is what really matters. all else, simple preservatives.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Deep. I like. Just wondering if you are saying we all should learn some kind of lesson from Obama's ascension or are you saying an Obama presidency should turn the USA into the midwife of all humanity?

novisi said...

First, i just re-read this piece and somehow some of the things made me wonder whether i really put this together...

the typos are huge...but i actually typed this piece while at the same time trying to listen up a beautiful hardcore teckie lecture by one real nerdy head in rabat, morocco!

but i just couldn't help all the possession by the spirits...i just had to do it.

novisi said...

so muze dear,
beautiful it it feels...

and just must i type it in inverse reverse order that you share in my crazy-head world.

on earth be peace still.

novisi said...

and nana dear,

i'm saying and i acknowledge it's not that simple, that someOne at someTime at somePlace must just hold the lead the way!

i have a personal problem with this world order that has classified humans into all kinds of what i call 'foolishness' including what we call 'nations'.

and i wouldn't mind if it takes some lone revolutionary minded folk in Afghanistan to show the way away and beyond the abuse of opium.

nor should it ever hurt a fly that some good headed folk in Liberia shows the way above pettiness!

so really nana dear, the lessons are already known anyway, and i'm just saying lets apply them and leave out unneeded fantacy...there's just to much work to be done!