Tuesday, February 5, 2008


PAL dear mine,

i've been following the US presidential race and all the craze...I've fallen in love with obama and i have to admit it now or never.

Today is what they call the super tuesday...whatever...point is, for me obama presents a good opportunity for the US of A to do a good damaged-image repair which they are in dire need of. The Bush one has only succeeded in messing up really good and it's time to play the unifier, balancer, cleaner, and all that the US of A needs to bring back the waning peoples spirit.

i love obama not because he is black...I LOVED CLINTON AND ALL THE LEWINSKING...true and i missed the opportunity to see him live when he visited Ghana back in the days because i was in boarding school atop the Kwawu mountains. I DON'T HAVE SAME LOVE FOR THE BUSH ONE. that guy just stinks so bad...so he is coming to Ghana shortly and i just wish he didn't even dream it but for our own Kuffused mennnnnnnnnnn!

So i love Obama...HE REALLY SOUNDS LIKE TRANSCENDING RACE AND GENDER while clinton is playing on the gender issue that she will be the first female American prez... and what is the use of that apart from it making the bookers note it down in the pages of history...I don't think it's bad to be a woman at all though i can't see myself transforming into one if i could...but lets get real...for example, down here in Ghana Akuffo Addo claims he will make history by being the one to carry NPP into a thirt straight vitory...so he should be voted for? how so cheap a bait to throw at us 'FOOLS'. foolish indeed.

A woman president must be a good president and so must a man president and so the likes of the Bush one and our downtown Kuffused are just too inane to have. They only end up cheapening the cause of the good of humanity!

WELL SO I LOVE OBAMA, pal and i hope u do too. He tells you WE NEED CHANGE AND WE CAN CHANGE and YES WE CAN and you just can't help but feel the sincerity in him. Some say he is not experienced...I THINK THAT IS FOOLISH...to put is mildly. I dare to say Clinton has no experience as President so how is she more experienced? because she kept the Man Clinton's bed warm 'while he was one of the finest presidents of the modern world' while the man himself kept aside the LEWINSKY?

it is funny how people talk about experience...we must be more concerned about who is more likely to provide the needed change? HAVING SAID ALL THAT i'm not blind to all the other factors that have been 'created' to put Obama down...they say he is black...and some white Americans and Latinos and the rest just haven't realised yet that Martin Luther King Jr., had a dream.

Pal, i dare say Obama is what America needs for a good change at this moment!



Obed Sarpong said...

Obama is the best thing. Clinton has more chance of losing to the Republicans than Obama does.
Again, he is a fresh face.
The experience is no point. He's a governor and has been in thing for more than 7 years just as Clinton.

But u still mention your pal Kuffour

Christian said...

Obed, I think u are saying something wrong over here. Obama is a senator of Ill a state in the US. And Hillary is a senator also of New York.I agree with you that experience in the state does not matter but it's how one will run the whole country. Hey the mans speeches are of Hope. Have u read the Book he Wrote? ie AUDACITY OF HOPE. Folk grab it and read it.

Goo Bama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Novisi, why are the comments coming into my inbox too. Please check this: where you directed ur comments