Sunday, June 22, 2008

Concert Party !!!

first i laughed...because i thought it was hillarious, i actually burst my sides...then i grinned, because i thought it was cheap...and then i reflected...

our president is dishing out national awards to which merit and exclusivity cannot be denied as a vital ingredient for selection as though it was so cheap a thing you could as well just pass by a market stall and pick up one whenever you like!

but seriously speaking, this country which i have been fortuned or mis-fortuned (or both- in which case the word 'and' becomes vital) to be associated with by way of nationality by birth is being played out in comedy by comedians and a concert by a pack of concert party all at once!

For me, for a president who chooses to award a woman he himself appoints as chief justice even before she assumes office, i find that actually; THIS IS NOT FUNNY BUT IT IS !!

was it ever said that people like Idi Amin and Eyadema used to give themselves honours? well i hardly find the difference here!

POINTERS (one or two):
--IGP: our Instpector General of Police has so many questions about cocaine to answer and yet he's been nominated for an award! This man should have been removed from office long ago...and if not for all the other allegations for which he's answered least for having cocaine disappear from the store of the police headquarters under his 'able' watch without trace! what a shame!

--The fact that this list also has a few sons and daugters who are well deserving of their awards or even more (if there was more) cannot and does not take away anything from the fact that this whole dance is shit!!! (i love this word shit). and if i had my way i would ask all of the deserving and self-respecting ones to say: "Thank you mister award-cheapening-president but no thanks".

--A good number of this award winners are either members of the current administration (ministers/hangers-on) or past members! what does that say? thank you for good jobs done? is that all? how so a way of making the awards look foolish!

--IC Quaye, mine o mine! this is a man who opens his mouth and literally insults the Ghanaian public with his shit...this is a man who says if you don't want this Kuffour led government you could go fuck your mama! and here we are, he's being awarded, for what?

--It is also important to recognise that this is not the first time that the president is dishing out state awards! he's done so a number of times already. but the NUMBERS this time around is rocking-241! what a thing?

Pal, I dare say all Ghanaians must wake up and scream this president out of foolishness if need be! This can't pass for any best it is an insult to the intelligence of all well meaning Ghanaians!


Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Strong words, huh? My comment is only on your unique spleen-venting style. It' and interesting.

novisi said...

thanks for sharing Nana,

strong words maybe, but i'm an advocate for absolute freedom of any voice (speech, no matter the tone) targeted at leadership for the DEMANDS of 'the people'...(the people are many, i guess)

simply because i have come to appreciate absolutely that the actions/inactions of leadership no matter how remote affects the lives of 'the people' (oh...this 'the people').

To the extent that I appreciate and believe the idea that 'the poeople' do not and must not owe leadership anything but rather it is leadership that owes 'the people' LEADERSHIP!

the people do not and must now owe leadership RESPECT for instance! it must be earned! On the other hand, leadership owes 'the people' respect! period.

I see it demeaning of the power of 'the people' when some of the same people go BEGGING leadership to have deliver to them what is due 'the people'!

how i wish we all accepted it that way!

but of course we still have varied sizes of the same thing called nose!

So I would then wish that the above wish of mine be turned into law!

Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Mathematically incorrect. Leadership respect the people, leadership must that, leadership this, leadership must brrrrr and so on. The people owe themselves something to check leadership and not wait for leadership to bring what is due 'the people.' They have to demand it sometimes and so don't let it appall you when you sight some of these 'people' supposedly begging. If asking what is due you is begging, then what would happen... I think what you say is a refresher course. A pause to laugh at the grudging world of suffering masses.
Your ass is cool so you think Mohammed must visit the mountain always.
The comment that can be left on Concert Party' is on your diction? Think again pal. You have not done justice somewhere albeit you use much power from your lexicon, there are injustices somewhere, somewhere.

I still think the awards served its purpose regardless of those who boycotted it. You an advocate of absolute freedom must agree with me that they have the freedom to reject, neglect, deject and all the 'ects.' Those who thought it was worth it also have the freedom to accept in whatever capacity.
Nothing can take away the worth in the awards. The quality of the recipients compared to other era of the same awards is unquestionable. There is reason enough to award these people. You can sift, but if we are a population of about 23million and nearly over 200 are chosen, and one man somewhere condemns the awards, well IT IS YOUR FREEDOM AS WELL.

novisi said...

Obed, Mathematically incorrect, you said?

well, i don't see how that! if it's about the count of awards then for sure that should confirm the mess of information surrounding the numbers from the Kuffour administration. In the end we ended up with about TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-SOMETHING awards! give me the exact number if you will...we might just as well discover the absurdity in there together; hand-in-hand!

As for your take on my view of the relationship between 'the people & leadership', I think you got my points just 'mashed-up' with all the brrrrr!

for some consumption of space, i just want to quote myself again. and i said:
"I see it demeaning of the power of 'the people' when some of the same people go BEGGING leadership to have deliver to them what is due 'the people'!"

the above quote does not in anyway deny that 'the people' "...have to demand it sometimes..." as you challenge! In any case the word 'BEGGING' is in caps enough to tickle some sense of emphasis...

and if you really read that quote again, you would find that i'm rather proposing an all out demand and demand and demand...NOT SOMETIMES like you say...but everytime! you see now?

and thanks for adding...YES...'the people' owe it to themselves (and i emphasize not to the persons of leadership)..."something to check leadership and not wait for leadership to bring what is due 'the people.'"...and there again i say everytime!

and where from the word 'asking'? i used 'BEGGING'...obviously...that is weaker a word than 'asking'! or ? so why bestow on me or anyone this word that does not fit in the challenge-context in which you give it birth? i wonder! but let's roll still...

diction...lexicon...injustices somewhere...and the power of them all in 'concert party'... oh that one...we can always water it down...and it won't hurt a could always ask for clafifications...and to any such i pledge my cooperation! POINT IS, the substance in there is more than vital...

Sorry Pal, I disagree with you on the quality of the awards! a right too!

but seriously speaking, there amount of stupidity in these awards and the debasing of the whole concept leaves much to be desired!

anyone who goes all out to see nothing wrong with this awards must be leaving in utopia, or promoting selfish interest, or does not understand what it means to uphold a good values system or does not agree that there should be values to uphold at all in the society or does not know what some of the reciepients of the awards represent in our society or whatever else could be described to mean debasing good standards!

this cheap calculation of 200 out of 23 million people is neither here nor there nor anywhere! how many people receive the Nobel Peace prize out of all the worlds population? i don't like going down this line...i think it's cheap logic...

all said and done we have our president awarding many rational beings would do any such thing in society?

well, i think we must get serious!