Friday, March 14, 2008


pAL deAR,

I think news is what reads but this one is shit. trust me!

Our crazy Kuffused and his bunch have adopted another foolish one. The folks are aiming guns at the public and driving past at rocket-shoot speed with insanity all over in the city....

Have you seen the convoy of the Kuffused lately? I don't know if it's a panic move--after the senseless "accident" (that particular one was simply avoidable) he HAD himself subjected to--to have GUNS now pointing at the PEACE OR VIOLENCE LOVING ghanaian public as he is being driven around town. To ward off what i don't know!

I saw them recently at 37 and it really looked like the guys are loosing their senses. Two vehicles--one in from of the president's ride and the following--on each you have two millitary men with HEAVY AND OBVIOUSLY FULLY LOADED GUNS--one man aims at the public on one side of the road while the other does same in the opposite direction.

Don't tell me the life of the president is too important to warrant such foolishness...Don't and just don't... What would you be telling me should it be that out of all things that can happen in this world; an ant by some beautiful design finds it way around the scrotum of one or two of these shoot-to-kill-ready security men and suddenly decides to take a bite while the convoy passes by a crowd of traffic jammed public; so that if the man decides to secure his scrotum too by instinctive movement which somehow results in an accidental pulling of the trigger before he could reach his balls for the rescue....what happens then?

If this was the land of Afganistan I would understand for the abundance of opium. If this was the land of Iraq, I would still understand. But this is the land called Ghana and though I am not one of those who 'fantastically' pass the country too peaceful for all the boiling points dotted around, I believe this nonsensical showing of muscles of the RAMBO or the COMMANDO is to say the least foolish and it stinks!!! SHIT !

and we have come full circle again...and not only a time when water supply to homes accross the nation is lacking at alarming proportions...we are being told that the government is acquiring a presidential jet to add "beauty" to the presidency. enjoY paL. enjoy!



Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Don't you have anything to say--any better. I think u should write more on the water and jet. Not the SHIT

novisi said...

well well well,

Obed sims to tink dis is nothing to say...that i should rather be saying 'anything' (yes he says anything)--any better...

I say well...I say too..that let him wait to have his buttocks develop a "beautiful" boil before he starts to see how usefully it serves him.

and he says he tinks i shud write more on worta and jet...well..., I say again...I RESERVE MY RIGHT TO "write what i like" WITH FULL RESPECT TO dear Steve Biko of memory-blessed!