Thursday, March 20, 2008



I should be fuming the hell and heavens out of me but today I had a good laugh to crown the day.

what insensitivity being shown by our Kuffused and his bunch:

1. The malnourished heads are buying two presidential planes under the guise of securing tools for the air-force. 

2. The same malnourished heads are about to tax poor-man-ghanaman for communicating with fellow humanS with mobile phones...and we are not even sure if internet usage and other means of communicating apart from mobile phones will be taxed. 

All these are being pushed down our throats at a time when there is every indication our ENERGY CRISES has hardly been touched while WATER CRISES too has hit us hard on the buttocks to expose the depth of seriousness of the state of the kwashiokor-attacked brains of the kuffused and his bunch. I have not even mentioned yet the continuous increment in petroleum prices that go a long way to tell how just so far u could go in a day. Utility tariffs are headed for the skies.

So what is it that these malnourished heads see or feel that the rest of us don't feel. how so contrasting do their brains work so much so that they would not even listen to the rest of us. That one called Andrew Awuni who happens to have gotten wings as the president's secretary or whatever his position is has the guts to tell us that we should stop having the poverty mentality... and i guess that would lead us to see suddenly the drop of manner from heaven to make us so rich that we won't have to mind if the president goes to purchase a presidential boat to ferry his ass on a good or bad day! and makes me want to say how so foolish of him...stupid.


A friend told me today that we should have the newspaper headlines screaming "Talk Tax Today...Sex Tax Tomorrow". A CLASSIC ONE.

I nearly broke my ribs pal. but come to think of it. Sooner when the brains-without-nourishment realise the sexual-density height of our folks, then one could only imagine what next they won't introduce. Your guess is as bad as mine!


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hardCore said...

glad i found your blog. appreciate your comments on mine. look forward to getting to know your writing better. peace.