Monday, March 31, 2008



the word PRINCIPLE gives me erection hardcore.

I've been following the US presidential bid for the democrats' nomination more than i have the race downtown here where I think the Kuffused's NPP MUST JUST BE KICKED OUT OF OFFICE AS A MATTER OF COURSE AND MORE.

So there was all the noise about Obama's Pastor's 'not-palatable' comments which made Obama to give one of the most -if not the most- beautiful renditions on the issue of race and discrimination that the human race has ever witnessed- I dare say!


So as beautiful as Obamas rendition was... I ignored Hillary Clinton who chose initially not to comment on the issue. But she turns around to make silly comments saying if she was Obama she would have left the 'church' because though we cannot choose our who our fathers or grandmothers are we can choose who we want as our Pastors. Silly Hillary, was and is my response. Did she leave her husband after he admitted 'bonking' Lewinsky; to which issue their own kid Chelsea cannot even have the decency to address. WHERE LIES HERE PRINCIPLE. or can she not choose who to marry?

Later Obama gets asked about the issue in an interview after Hillary's acting silly and CHEAP only for me to get disappointed with his response. Obama said he would have left the church had Rev. Wright not retired. Oh no...I screamed. After telling us that he couldn't disown Rev. Wright just as he couldn't disown his own white-grandmother who also held racially bias stances, I expected Obama to have just (if just to shame the silly Clinton) reiterated his comments. Or he could have EVEN decided to give the Clinton more lessons on discrimination by telling her you just don't disown a spouse for example just because you disagree or feel embarrassed by his/her action.


Are we about seeing the last of 'the-man-dem-call Mugabe'? I would miss him if we do. Not that I'm not aware about his human right records and for how his achieved uneccessary longevity in office but because gave man food for thought when it comes to africa's relationship with the west (West?). My prayer is that the election results be declared without any machinations to spark another Kenya! My prayer too is that Ghanaians are listening and watching.


When Ndoum was chosen to lead Kwame Nkrumah's CPP I stated that I never felt comfortable with the decision and I still don't because the man is doing everything to prove me right. I wonder If this guy would have gotten the courage to run for elections in a place like the USA? (not becuase the US is super but because the ones who have questions to answer are pinned for all to see). But this 'moustache-ful' man is running our towns, villages and (cities?) with so much questions hanging around him bordering on fraud and he is not being forced to answer! Where lies his integrity! Nkrumah must be weeping maa-maaa-maaaa in his grave! Damirifa Due...!

THE DAILY GRAPHIC: This paper is state-owned and funded by the taxpayers money! so why all the shit they have been publishing lately? In esterdays edition (Tuesday, 1st April 2008 - April Fools' Day edition) we are fooled with a false headline that the leader of the NDC has made a choice for running-mate only for the man Prof. Atta Mills to deny the story in the Graphic. Is the paper becoming a publisher of gossip without even stating so? Today's edition captures something that passes for shame saying Atta Mills says he's not yet decided on running-mate. The Graphic and the its Editor Blewu and Ayeboafo and all must sit up. They are stinking real bad. CREDIBILITY is important if they have forgotten.

CJA: Thank God for the CJA. We need more like them to put GOVERNMENT OFFICERS in check. Today they are putting allegations of corruption in the 'school feeding programme' in the face of the Kuffused who says if you don't bring evidence he will not act on corruption. I wait to see what the president will do this time... but pal don't mind me on this one because I don't expect much from the man whose own former party chairman accuses him of collecting and distributing 'kick-backs'. What an 'alleged thief' we have for president.

may we as humans continue to live as humans.

ciao pal.

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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

"the word PRINCIPLE gives me erection hardcore"

This is at once the most shocking and most pleasant opener in any writing I have ever read! And I mean it!

Now, where have you been? Been trying to email you. Well, I knew that (just like Martin) I'd find you here. Let's talk sometime.

Keep the words sizzling :)