Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Pal mine,
So it came to past. 'ker ker ni egbashi ba ho'....(same in Ga)....literally pal.

But funny tins (things???) are happening now and again like ever (never???) before! sweetly so some and sour so many more pal. so and just so!!!

Number one...
I've been out of this side of the world for a while but i finally got the tickling to jolt me to ERECTION up and straight! In this land called Ghana;by some artificial dreaming; we have come to be woken up suddenly by some WILDFIRE FIGURES. These numbers are said to have germinated or so i think to put it because of all the jig-saw-edged stories being thrown about.

AND WHO DO U BELIEVE? The opposition NDC political party have cried foul about some out of the world numbers that have germinated like i put it in the records of the Electoral Commissions Records. This presents a quick image of the EC's records as one of a picture of a KWASHIORKOR suffering child having a skinny body but a protruding tummy (stomach???)....or no....belly! heeeheeee pal. say heee...talk about a malnourished EC's records.

The EC is insisting that though they truly and properly supplied the NDC with the records they are challenging the content as put out by the NDC. I say let us put it to the test. let both parties find a middle and fair ground to present the records for verification and authentication.

The issue simply is that of all the 10 regions in Ghana 9 of them have an average growth of voter registrations resting around 6, 7 and 8 percentages. But one Super region alone shows an average growth for it's constituencies to be around an astronomical 110 percentage according to the NDC. charming huh! no beautiful???

This is certainly a serious matter (matter refers to the whole issue and not just what according to NDC but also any logical conclusions that need to be drawn) that could just make Ghana happen in Ghana for those who think that Kenya cannot happen in Ghana since they may prefer that we put it that Kenya happened and Kenya! say heee pal....heeee! Elections is in December...the records better be put straight.

Number Two...
A foolish one too...And our Jack fellow de Kuffused has decided against all odds to go ahead and re-nominate Anani the one who goes to have extra-marital called affair and produces a child that the wife is ready to accept alright and dares to come tell us how so beneficial that was to us all as a nation still as the minister for Roads (or 'ot is the portfolio). do i make any sense with this long snake? if not really then so is the picture of the Kuffused situation regarding Anani.

Against the backdrop of a noise of 'we have the men', Anani resigns from his position as minister after having been found to have indulged in inappropriate acts but the Kuffused one keeps that ministerial position empty after a number of reshuffles and appoinments...AND WHAT COULD ONE EXPECT MORE THAN THE RETURN OF THE ANANI. now we hear Parliament will pass him. and how so foolish...

I'm not against a man who thinks he needs more than his wife to produce children...not even when a man makes a woman bear him children without marrying her...but where a minister of state has to account to the people and we are told that the man has questions to answer as a result of mating with some woman while on assignment then levelheadedness at least must prevail.

This whole saga just stinks...makes me think that the Kuffused is just tossing us all about a so called rule-of-what-law-I-don't-know! The guy is joking with us all...There is no demonstration of concern for the people... They twist and turn us about illogical technicalities that amount to nothing only to have their way...foolishly they smile.

Pal, Today too I pray for Obama...not that I think he is black so that really counts...for me that is a non-issue...I pray for Obama because I just have the feeling...my feelings may be misplaced and that is fair...but I just feel of all the candidates presenting themselves for the US elections, he stands out as one who will bring hope not only to America but to the whole world as PEACE is a scarce commodity still...

Yes we can...

Hope pal mine!

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Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Fair challenge man! Let NDC present their copy on CD and the EC's.
Good your kuffused added his voice calling for fair elections.