Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yewuoo ooo

pal dear mine,

we are dead! and so the slogan went...thanks to the CJA for staging what i call a straight to the point demonstration to send some signal into the heads and if of course the heads don't work then the feet of the people we have entrusted with the leadership of this nation.

and i just hope the kuffused one and his gang are listenning...what hope mennnnnnnnnnn!!!!! indeed...still......they are just so tuned-out of this world with bellies so full they don't feel the hunger we feel.

And as for the sycophantic Police man called Opare Addo, the least said about him the better. Thank God his head has been put to shame...and o...the guy has no shame! he's still trying hard to defend his nonsense! i don't know if he thinks he has control over the constitution of this nation of our death. Somebody tell him to stop the nonsense and just repent! The exercise of the people's right to demonstrate does not hinge on whether police man Opare Addo feels like going to toilet or not!

may we have and exhibit wisdom!!!

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