Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nduom and our CPP


It is with so much mixed feelings i embark on this 'personal intercourse' with you!

Our country Ghana is at the cross-roads still...marking-time and waiting to see which direction to go!

Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom has been chosen by some folks to lead our (myself and the others who truly believe in the philosophy of the) GREAT CPP into the coming 2008 presidential and parliamentary elections. hmmmmmnnnn.... what could one say? A lot pal... a lot to be said....

Nduom has a lot of question marks on his head!!! Our great party first lead by the great charismatic and visionary Kwame Nkrumah is not one to be toyed with. Last time around it was Agudey who had the lead...and i wish not to overly state the point that though he has since helped the party financially his messages and general conduct were really nothing to go to bed with.

This time we have Nduom and as to what he has to offer only time will tell... BUT pal, before he starts offering us anything at all, it's worth noting that this man has a lot of convincing to do... HE must convince the likes of me as to whether he really believes in the philosophy of the CPP after going to play with the kuffused's NPP and all their nonsense-touts of so called 'property owning democracy' as a miniter of state.

Nduom chose to dine with them somehow claiming he was there to help the government and ended up defending this spoilt kuffused and his NPP. The NPP claims to be offering Ghanaians 'property owning democracy' which they explain to mean under their leadership, one and anyone could own property freely...i wonder when it was ever criminal to do same...but that is what they claim and that alongside their capitalist inclination does not really go with the philosophy of the GREAT CPP. But the chosen Nduom decided to apply himself to defending the kuffused and his gang's policies even when (time) one could clearly tell there was nothing sensible to defend.

It was this same Nduom who in the 2004 elections chose to enter some very 'interesting agreement' with the kuffused whereby he campaigned for the kuffused to be elected president at the expense of Agudey his own party leader so that he Nduom got elected too into parliament easily as per the 'pre-arrangement' that ensured that the NPP did not field a parliamentary candidate to contest Nduom...-polictical smartness, some would say...but the question is at what expense??? AND WHAT IF AGUDEY DECIDES TOO NOW TO 'show Nduom' BY ALSO DECIDING TO CAMPAIGN AGAINST HIM ???

Now after doing all the dance with the NPP who's parentage ensured Nkrumah did not have concentration on his leadership and also went ahead to collaborate with the CIA to see to his overthrow, Nduom want's us all to believe he really stands for the Nkrumah family.... well.....

They say he has a lot of money! well, money is definitely useful. but be it true that he actually bought his way through to emerge leader, then we have a lot on our hands as Nkrumaist to deal with. That would be no different from what is happening to the NPP in the run-up to their congress where there seems to be so much throwing of money about in a bid to buy votes. THAT WOULD BE A CHEAP VICTORY INDEED FOR NDUOM!

Already Agudey is reported to be asking for some investigations into allegations that Nduom bought and paid for the victory! well well well... and Dr. Osarfo and Agudey were not there after the declaration to congratulate Nduom for his victory...well... pal, CAN Nduom unite the CPP front? we wait to see...

hold on, before the he got elected, the issue of some fraud we are told he was involved in came up again and it all looks so murky! Nduom must clear himself for sure! I believe CPP unlike the NPP cannot afford to have a presidential candidate who has fraud questions painted all over his name and face. Nduom must clear himself for sure!

days and seasons
Pal, to be frank with you I do not feel any confident with Nduom! I still just do not feel any confident about the coming days and seasons! I only have my prayers to pray!

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