Tuesday, December 4, 2007

gHANAMAN Talk Is Not Cheap

Pal dear,

gHANAMAN talk is not cheap at all. There are so many people in the long history of man who have had their lives cut short for talking...yes true! Gelilio Gelilei nearly!

but that's not where my problem lies....my problem is with this kuffused one's appointed Minister and Deputy Ministers of Finance and their Special Assistants and the kuffused one himself........................... why? These folks with some 'default support' from their likes have come up with a 'beautiful' way to collect more taxes from the already overtaxed poor Ghanaian.

The say let all talkTime (phone airtime) be taxed and from there we shall have the money flowing in waa waaa waaaa! BUT WHAT FOOLISH THOUGHT INDEED! what foolish thought to even burden the choked poor man's brains with...to the extent that the little energy one gets from one ball of kenkey and the fried head of some poor fish is spent wondering what's up the brains of these almost callous folks who go to church praying and singing hallejuyah anyway every sunday after sunday after sunday....and oh some too call on Allah the most high still...five times a day!

pal, gGHANAMAN is already paying the following taxes:
1. Income Tax ---------15% of income
2. Import Tax --------- don't know about this one.
3. Withholding Tax ---- 5% of service/supply rendered
4. VAT (tax) -----------15% of service/item accessed/bought
5. PURE WATER TAX--something just introduced by AMA
6. whatever else is out there that i don't know about yet.

so why on God's earth would these kuffused one and his folks think to tax us more when for talking is good? what stupid thing to think pal... and hear them talk... they say they will take away the import duty on mobile phone handsets (BECAUSE SOME FOLKS ARE SWERVING THE TRAP) so that people could import more handsets into the country and that would reduce the cost per mobile handsets and even so how much gGHANAMAN spends on airtime. heeeeeeehe... this thing just sounds like so cheap! makes me erect!

Ghana our fatherland pal, is full of taxes! so what is the issue of introducing another tax! and funny enough VAT is paid by the phone networks to the government which cost is anyway transfered to the user already...we know...

my beef is instead of thinking through all the maze of taxes that have been heaped on gGHANAMAN...someone is dreaming crazy! instead of working out how effectively to collect tax so that gGHANAMAN alone is not left to suffer someone is having orgasm and thinking we all feel same!

pal, imagine a poor worker who is paid 1million cedis A MONTH (that is even high as per what the reality is), calculate how much tax he would have paid before the end of the month...include his income tax and VAT on goods and services he is likely to access. bearing in mind that pure water now also has a tax of about 100 cedis slapped on it by AMA. INSANE!

tax is not bad if we accept that it is the way to go...we may even choose not to accept it anyway. There's no issue about that...and taxing is not the only way to run a nation. of course taxing is done now for a number of reasons and not just collection of revenue waa waaa waaa....taxing may be implemented to bring about control... eg. tax a stick of cigarette to discourage the smoking of human hearts! which otherwise could end up being a burden on the national coffers because many such damned and smoked hearts may require medical attention at a cost!

i say let us have a uniform tax system pal...if we want VAT...then let it be VAT and take away all the income and 'lampo o" (this thing is still being charged in some places you won't believe it). Recently i passed through the Tema Community 1 market on my way to the lorry station and i was stopped to pay 'lampo o'. heeeeeeeehe! i burst into fits of laughter pal....it was crazy!

So pal, tell the kuffused one and his assistants to stop playing the fool with serious matters. They are behaving like kids who have been given toys to play with and they seem to be over the moon with foolish ideas. and so if they don't know how to lay traps then they should learn better!


pal, spot any foolish mistake on my part, be kind to forgive cos gHANAMAN has not much time to spend on pieces like this...i need to go look for money!


Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Boy boy boy! Let me ask: Do Ghanaians pay more tax than their donor countries?

novisi said...

gal gal gal! Let me answer: simply, it doesn't matter!
sure it doesn't matter at all because the minimum wages (just one factor for an example) are not the same for Ghanaians and their dependent donors!

I don't want to give a long lecture on this one but we can't rule out all the adverse effectc of the unfair end of trade and the trans-atlantic slavery that we have been placed for all these years...massa, let's not go there....

such comparisons do not add anything to our situation... don't we know that Ghana has a different economic playground compared to that of say Britain? don't we know?

well, i hope you have been answered!

or do u have another to ask?