Thursday, November 15, 2007

Accidentally Kuffused

Pal dear oh dear, the kuffused one was involved in a near fatal motor accident yesterday. they said his car was ran into by some guy as his convoy made the 'usual journey' (borrowing from the kuffused one himself after the accident) to his office at the Osu Castle from his house at Tetteh Quarshie. he survived! he should be thankful to God for whatever happened to him, had it been death even!

suddenly there is a rediscovery of folks' voices against recklessness on our roads on the part of motorists. that is good i think...but it is not the first time and i wont be surprised that we will soon forget again that the issue ever came up!

so the guy who drove into the prez was indisciplined and all that. no problem! but what is all this noise about indiscipline on our roads? me think that the president who is the accidental kuffused one is a clear notorious culprit of this indiscipline thing. YES HE IS. and why do i say so?

this guy becomes the kuffused president of our land and the first thing he does is to renovate his PRIVATE house with public funds (forget the foolish explanations and the subsequent so called settlement of the bills by 'a certain farmer'), insisting that the Osu Castle must be renovated before he goes to live there --and this is a man who opens his mouth to tell us to tighten our belts for now in anticipation of better days ahead--

well... not so long after, the Osu Castle is renovated and president continues to live in his private residence from where he is chauffeured (no! wrong word...the right thing to say is 'sped'... yes... sped like a bird at a great velocity...almost catapulted) to the Osu Castle every morning and back every evening! I guess the Castle was not redone to his satisfaction...else why continue to stay in your private house...and i would love to know how much it has cost the poor tax paying Ghanaian to finance this useless everyday-to-and-fro by the prez.

their sight on our urban ways is scary and stupid to say the least! don't TOK to me about security pal...that shit is plain stupid...and i mean on urban ways where there's usually a 'sweat-agog' traffic jam that excites your manhood...i'm not talking about a fast lane or the motorway! that has been going on! and not just so...because this CHEAPffour one lives by a major road...he had constructed for him and only him alone an easy way to link his PRIVATE house from the highway...i only wonder what becomes of this kuffused President's Special Initiative (PSI) for an easy way for the cheapffour one when he is no more the president? and i wonder too whether those eyes that easily spot indiscipline on our roads haven't seen this...we wait to see, not so?

just by this same spot on the same high-way people keep being knocked-down and dying by fast moving cars when they only attempt crossing the road because no care was taken about pedestrians crossing the road. But there's a bus-stop right there! and what not a way to create a death trap for poor fellows who must of course cross the road to continue this journey of life and not death! so he knows what he WANTS but does not even see what the people NEED huh! what a cheapffour for a president indeed! he can't tell me he's not head about the many loss of lives at this spot which is very much in front of his house and close to the hotel his son immediately bought when he (the father) became president.

so what am i saying kuraaaaa? i'm simply saying that there is a saying that 'the fish begins to rot from the head'. something like that. indiscipline did not begin today and it will hardly reduce if all we do is blame someone else whilst by our own actions and inactions we demonstrate nothing but the same indiscipline.

Pal, let someone tell this cheapffour to stop being indisciplined himself...i wish life to him...while we all wait for death anyway!


Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

I never wished to comment on this post. Never! Because this frien of mine let his inside negativity and predisposition against the presidency of Ghana get the better of him. What will result? A biased analyses.
1.The president nearly died. True. Airbags and the mercy of some god or God might have saved him. Fine. But if someone says the driver who was later found to be drunk and had hard drug content in his blood ran into the presidents convoy, tell me, is he disciplined or indisciplined?
2. The things the president enjoy are not necessarily his wishes (look again at the 1992 Constitution of Ghana). He wasn't the only one who passed that book into law, neither was he in power. So my Novisi should call for amendment, a whole new constitution (reflecting his wishes-if he has one) or go to Heaven. Yes!
Think again, my friend, think!

novisi said...

1. no where in my post did i state that the driver who hit the prez was not indisciplined. so i don't what answer to give that question. In fact the question was already answered (in my writeup) before you posed it.

2. wishes! sure it was his wish and only his wish that he stays in his PRIVATE house and from there CATAPULTED to work all the way from Tetteh Quashie through Shangrila, Airport, Opeibia, 37, Flagstaff House, Sankara, Ridge, past the Stadium and finally to the Osu Castle. AND THIS MAN DOES NOT GO TO WORK EARLY TOO. so after 8am whenever he sets off all others must sweat in still traffic till he passes. WHAT A THING NOT TO WISH AND YET ENJOY under the crazy cover of presidency and security. TELL ME ANOTHER STORY DEVOID OF SYCOPHANCY!

and we don't need any amendment to have a level headed man use a fair sense of judgment not to cause thievery and discomfort to the people one is entrusted to lead.