Monday, November 5, 2007

Ghana too peaceful an Anloga

Ghana is a peaceful for us, we are not violent...we are only so hospitable...and a lot such foolish myopic talk.

I don't know pal; but i pray you come to witness if you haven't already, what happens to a thief who is caught on the streets of Accra. When you've done that, we will talk about how so peaceful Ghana our peace-land is and has always been!!!

We have hardly finished burying the Ya Na of Dagbon and his 40 or so other subjects who were murdered under the 'helpless eyes' of the security agencies of the government of Ghana our peaceful-land. There has always been the case of the Alavanyo and Nkonya and the Tsito/Peki conflicts in the Volta region and recently there has been the case of Ga-mantse and all the disputes about his enstoolment in the very capital city called Accra. And of course in the not too distant past was the case of the Kokomba/Nanumba war that is said to have been sparked over the claim of ownership of a guinea-fowl...!!!

I was a small boy and a primary school pupil in Nungua not so long ago when some conflict of a sort broke out and the people of Nungua and Teshie (neighbours) decided to spill blood over a piece of land near the sea. We had to break school to allow people to finish killing one another.

Well, well, well....Pal, I wonder what keeps some ponk-headed folks making too much noise about how so peaceful Ghana is with comparisons with our neighbouring folks in the West-African sub-region where we've had Liberia and Sierra Leone where limbs were shortened to short/long sleeves. Even Nigeria has had the Biafra 'fire'. So therefore since Ghana has never experienced any such levels of atrocities the country is peaceful. So peaceful. and how so foolish a conclusion to make to satisfy ones belly and hence only retire to bed.

I wonder what it is that makes a man so violent against another man. I wonder if some are just born violent and callous! I wonder! Granted Pal, that Ghana is so peaceful like the chorus the ponks sing, then what is it that makes Ghanaians so different from the likes of Foday Sankor and his brutal likes? ironically, come into Ghana itself and there is this open-foolishness of some ponks still; who claim that it is only people from the north of the country who create mayhem in Ghana because they don't understand 'things'. To any such fool, i itch to ask which part of the country is Anloga situated? let someone cease-fire in Anloga!!!

We live in a very crazy space; this part of the earth and all over the world pal, i bet!

having said all that pal, i wonder what at all chiefs or kings or overlords and all those kinds of social high-class folks who only entrench undemocratic institutions have to offer us by way of development so much so that we can't do without them and hence have to resort to spilling blood only for one man to become a chief.

Until the time that the whole chieftiancy institution is overhauled (make it democratic and let the chief be voted for, if you like) or scrapped altogether, I don't see how so useless they are to our development any less than pastors and such fakers of our days and nights! Africa is not unique when it comes to chieftiancy and all it's nonsense. The French dealt with theirs somehow and maybe we could learn a thing or two from there. And of course the kingdom under the name United Kingdom under the Queen is one stupid one that should be noted as such! Simply put, no one man or woman or fool is born to rule over another...

Pal, the debate continua!!!

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