Friday, October 19, 2007

lucky DUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This day has come a sad one indeed pal...!

"...yesterday your mouth was shut...we are different collours, one people..." lyrics from the late Lucky Dube's Different Collours/One People record hitting song. how so sad it feels saying it...the late...yes some folks thought they had to gun down another fellow man--Lucky Dube!

The lyrics will continue to play and ring in my head for a long long time and very sadly so now.

But Lucky Dube THE MESSENGER stood and still stands more alive than any blood-sucking gunshots... he was and still is a living of the few sincere voices that cried out for common, peace, respect!

He Lives!

Different Colours/One People Lyrics:

Breaking those barriers
All over the world
Was not an easy thing
Yesterday your mouth was shut yeah
Couldn' t make a sound eh boy
But it' s such a good feeling today
When I can hear them from
Across the ocean singing this song
That the whole world should be singing
All the time

Chorus: (x3)
We' re...
Different colours / one people
Different colours / one people

Hey you government
Never try to seperate the people
Hey you politician
Never try to seperate the people

They were created in the image of God
And who are you to seperate them
Bible says, he made man in his image
But it didn' t say black or white
Look at me you see BLACK
I look at you I see WHITE
Now is the time to kick that away
And join me in my song

Chorus: (x3)

Hey you politician
Never seperate the people here
Hey you man hey you man
Never try to seperate the people

Some were from America
We were from South Africa
Some were from Japan
We were from China
Some were from Australia
We were from the U.K.
Some were from Zimbabwe
We were from Ghana
Some were from Jamaica
We were from Russia
Some were from Aha-ha-ha
We were from Uhu-hu-hu

Chorus till fade

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