Monday, September 24, 2007


pal dear my talismantic coah Jose has left Chelsea and all but i have a poem to share.

YOUR STUPIDITY ! it's a to say: Your highness or Your Excellency ! This poem was inspired out of anger at the nonsensical demand for respect (almost by force) by some figures in positions of trust.

it is my view that people who hold such positions as MPs or presidents rather owe us service and i mean they ought to serve the people but not to go around thinking by the priviledges they enjoy (out of the sweat and even blood) of the people they should be worshipped in addition!

To any such fellow i say Your Stupidity! enjoy pal...enjoy:

Masa Yesa...Yesa Masa
Yesa Masa no be matter

Oga Minister

Rt Honourable

Your Majesty

You mister President
You who derive your name from the people's thumb

Head of State
Prime Minister of whatever

Do you not realise the position you occupy?
Why do you demand respect so much so you fail so see who should serve who?
You or the people?

Or do you think we must carry you in a palanquin like a village chief and hail your name?

Nana o...Nana!
All power belongs to you
Nana o...Nana!
Grant us your favour

Masa Yesa...Yesa Masa
Yesa Masa no be matter

Your highness
Your Excellency
Your stupidity!

(this poem was first presented on open air theartre on radio univers 105.7 FM)

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Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

I have been meaning to tell you something on this post. When i don remember, you'll hear the fire. Enjoy