Thursday, September 20, 2007

i'll be missing you Jose

Pal dear,
today i've been sad really...

...the only football team i've really supported- Chelsea has parted ways with Jose Mourinho, the reason why i really supported the team in the first place (second because of essien and third because of someone like Carvalho and Makele...just name them...the playing body and their spirit). Chelseas was the team with the spirit!!!

but Pal dear... Jose was the man at the heart of the team...he gave the team spirit...hate him or love him like i do and you can never fall short of recognizing the fact that he's indeed the 'special one'

bye jose...bye...chelsea will definitely never be the same again...

i will follow you wherever you go!

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Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Good good good. Money isn't everyhting. But you are one of the many latter day saints of Chelsea supporters. Those who joined when it was getting sweet. And like a prostitute (no malice here), you want to fly to a different place when it starts to stink at Chelsea. Enjoy your week.