Friday, September 14, 2007


and so how have you been pal?

me, i'm much alive and surviving all the nonsense around me you won't believe it!

so they say the kids are bonking and bonking like there's no tomorrow! who says? On the Accra based JoyFM (99.7FM on your dial) this morning between the hours of 7 and 8 am was the release of a FANTASTIC DISCOVERY (???) by a certain gentleman (i didn't catch the name) who was hosted by Kojo Oppong Nkrumah on the morning show! ...whew!

well, and what was the issue? the gentleman apparently has been doing some 'investigative journalism' (i get sick at the unnecessary use of this term to refer to some sort of 'super' process of getting information....what about journalism is not information gathering and what about information sourcing is not investigative?)

well... so this man came to tell us all that he has just found out that kids who are expected to be in school and learning from books and their teachers so they become the future leaders that society has already 'fixed' for them are also busy taking practical lessons in male-female body intercourse! HE SAYS THE KIDS ARE HAVING SEX!!! and we would be shocked to know what they know and practice....(really?)

that's not all... he goes on to say that the kids are also smoking and doing all sorts of things!

well, i really wonder where this guy has been all this while that we've been on this same old planet called earth. i wonder! maybe he just descended from some ghetto on pluto! and Kojo Oppong Nkrumah would also want the world to know that he was so surprised by adding to the gentleman's attempted wooing of us all into his fantasy realm of 'spying-from-the-ostrich's-world' (imagine you burying your head in the sand like the ostrich does whiles trying at the same time to spy on the rest of the world... Pal... !!! get my drift?

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah adds that he was just so surprised to learn of the DISCOVERY because during his days in Junior Sec. School (now Junior High School, thanks to a funfair of name-trumpeting by the kuffused and his 'men') the only mischief they engaged in was some little pranks pulled on teachers by deflating their car tyres and such others! i bet this guy could have sworn he never even heard the word 'sex' in his JSS days!

me say forget these two men and their likes!!! they are pretenders! maybe they were carried away by the power of radio!! what is the point? is it not in this same country of our dear death that it is claimed that there is too much teenage pregnancy? is it not in these same country that teachers are caught having body intercourse with their school pupils? there is a sweet saying in akan (i'm not sure of other languages) which translates into something like: no one needs to teach the child about God (obi nkyere akora nyame -- something like that in akan).

and of course God is the soul owner of all there is in this world. isn't it? and for all that he embodies, if no one needs to teach the child about God, then sex which is a creation of God does not require any tutoring for a child to catch! do i make any nonsense here at all pal?

I really wonder what all the point was about that gentleman coming on JoyFM to tell us as if we didn't know already that kids were having sex! pal, don't you think a research by this man to see whether say over a period of time labeled T there have been an increase/decrease in such activity would have better served us. the point here is increase/decrease over time! he could have even done something on say a comparative prevalence of indulgence in sex by the kids by zones or towns or villages or whatever!

Until such better service is rendered to society let this man go back into his fanciful world and dream that kids are just so innocent they can't BONK some!!!

pal, if you do, may you enjoy your bonking too!

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