Tuesday, August 14, 2007


last two weekends, the prez of a JAK at a rally orgarnised by his party (which they said was dedicated to their foot soldiers) openned his mouth WAA WAAA WAAAA!

pal dear, this man has no good sense of responsibility...he does not even respect! he even makes me so mad i forget to salute you first before bursting out!

i mean how could this man tell a blatant 'deception' that today one cedi (it's of no use saying one Ghana cedi- in fact shouldn't we rather be saying GHANAIAN CEDI instead of Ghana cedi...Ghana cedi...Ghana cedi?) is more than one dollar. how so stupid of one who is expected to lead...how not so insulting of our intelligence pal?

how not so cheap? the argument is what? that the new one cedi is equivalent in value to 10,000 of the old cedi whilst the dollar is trading currently at 9,300 or there about which is less than one of the 'new' cedi and hence the kuffused one can say that means the value of one cedi is more than one dollar? and by that a subtle way of telling us to see how so 'wonderfully' the value of our currency has upped by leaps and bounds under his leadership...

so the kuffused thinks:
that let us just knock 4 zeros off the 10,000 cedis and call it one Ghana cedi (well he says the bank of Ghana advised and decided to do that as an autonomous body) and so we can simply refer to the new Ghana cedi and point out to the people that the economy is improving since now one Ghana cedi is greater in value than one dollar! simple!

this is even more "brain-washing" when put in simple mathematical statements:

1 (new) cedi = 10,000 (old) cedis
but 1 dollar = 9,300 (0ld) cedis < 10,000 (old) cedis
therefore value of 1 dollar < 1 cedi

eureka, isn't it?

so what? the kuffused is so right! huh? you would think and agree with him but surely not me... in fact you would only agree with him if and only if you only value products and services by how so beautifully the labels come! think a bit more pal....just a little bit more and you will see how so deceptive the kuffused one comes accross. well...but i thought they thaught us to sing "the value is the same..." so how could one marry the 'the value being the same' with what the kuffused one is boasting?

Mapping the VALUE:
well so it has come. it is no genius of an idea to be jumping over man! and i don't know who said we should call it Ghana cedi. who did? but pal whoever it is i just don't like this whole crazy idea of labelling a piece of paper one Ghana cedi and mapping that to ten thousand of our cedis.

like this: 1 Ghana cedi -----> 10,000 cedis.

the pros and cons:
but they say it is supposed to make business transactions much much easier...since one would not have to carry plenty cash around town. how nice it sounds. but see we could have achieved same by just printing higher denominations (which i won't prescribe as a solution either). for example we could have printed a note for 100,000 cedis as has been the practice until someone had a 're-denomination of the currency dream'! i mean how so different is what we have done from Zimbabwe deciding to print say a half a million note of their currency to achieve easier carriage of money?

so it has come and what is happening? well any careful observer would not take a second to realise that the prices of items have shot up (and are still shooting up) with such great velocity (to borrow Martins phrase--great velocity) just like the way the kufused one's fantacy speed rise of the value of our dear cedi so much so that now it is of greater value than the dollar! just two weeks ago, i was paying 5,500 cedis from tema to Legon. now i have to pay 6,300 cedis. i bought an orange for 500 cedis two weeks ago. 3 days ago i bought same for 1,000 cedis. The cost has doubled.

i dare say whoever thinks that the introduction of some pesewas coins would do some magic should think again. they should get to work and see that the value of our currency does not remain the same as they want us to now sing along with them but do what it will take to improve the economy.

else mark my words pal... not too long from now all those little coins we can't even hold between the fingers will evaporate into thin air leaving us wondering. u don't understand? i mean, should the trend continue, we will only have all items being valued in terms of 'Ghana Cedi' since no pesewa could even then buy 'pure water' or a piece of candy (one candy)! and then what would we have achieved?

funny stuff:
what happens when we have worked so hard at the end of the day and achieved an appreciable value (not the kuffused type of value) for our currency as against the dollar and the rest? what then would be done? will someone come re-dreaming a reverse somersault re-redenomination of the already redenominated currency?

don't we only have jokers all around us?

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