Thursday, July 26, 2007

politics, patriotism and the nonsense of it

hi pal,

last monday morning i was woken-up as usual by the bbc's network africa's cock's-crow!

low and behold Kofi Annan was said to have given a lecture at the Mandela Series of Lectures or so and he was cautioning Africans to not accept 'black dictators' after chasing out the 'white dictators' but also come down hard on black dictators! true, i agree with you Kofi!! a dictator is a dictator!

that comment was broadly seem to be directed towards the case of Mugabe in Zimbabwe! i pinched my self hard not be believe i heard what was said like the way Kuffour says he does at the attraction of some kick-back to remind himself not to succumb to corruption waa waaa waaaa! but as much as i tried the news man just kept on with it. "according to Kofi Annan the former UN Secretary General...blah blah blah..."

so i said yoooooooooooo!
but what was that Kofi? were you not alive when the war broke out in Samuel Doe's Liberia? how about the chase of Mobutu out of his Zaire? In your own Ghana Kofi, even Nkrumah the Osagyefo (who was forced by his detractors to employ some evil tactics) was overthrown by some CIA agents of our land! then of course followed the many overthrow after overthrow! i want Kofi to be reminded that Africans have not been so accommodating of 'black dictators' while making sure the 'white dictators' were just kicked out!

so what? so if is that you want Zimbabweans to uproot Mugabe say so! if you want a coupe say it? some distant part of me wants to believe that's not what you intend! maybe you just wanted us to do some academic tickling of our brains...but hey! you are still human with desires which i can't take away from well! and i thought you were a champion of the so called democracy...well maybe i need to revise my notes.

i would rather you take your time to study the Zimbabwean experience carefully before making such comments Kofi and don't be like Kuffour who thinks Zimbabwe is an embarrassment to Africa whilst acts of human rights' violations which are happening in Zimbabwe are also happening in Ghana!

for me, the Zimbabwean experience presents a classical case of the urgent need for all Africa to unite! and it would be heart-warming if you channeled your energy in that direction Kofi. Try!!

and what is Kuffour also talking about patriotism? is he more patriotic than any man or woman bearing the Ghanaian label (as he) who thinks his (Kuffour's) Government has failed Ghanaians as far as the energy situation is concerned? what sheer nonsense!

Kuffour visited Akosombo and some reports say he rallied the nation to tackle the energy problem... i say correct; however late your call Mr. prezzzzzzzzzzzzz...! ...but at the same time he called people unpatriotic for making politics out of the energy problem. i say wrong!

and who says the energy situation is not a political issue! i don't understand this JAK of a prez who i think clearly does not understand himself. what is political? standing on platforms and declaring oneself to be the champion messiah of the people and for which reason one should be voted into power? and what is not political? analysing the Ghana energy situation and believing that the 'kuffused' administration of the day has failed? this man can't be serious!

Pal dear, there's always something to laugh about you know! have you been to see Concert Party at the theatre lately? Over the last weekend some women (they call themselves 'Women's Aglow' and Gifty Afenyi Dadzie of the Council of State is their president or so) decided to hold a national prayer session to thank God for the oil find. And i saw on TV the presidential press secretary Andrew Awuni leading and charging like some possessed pastor, declaring something like: "Aammennnnnnnn!....we've gaAttttt to thank Gaad...ddddddd... for oillllllllllllll.... we've gaAttttt ... to ... we've Aaaaaaaaaaamennnnnnnnnnn!

Amen pal, Amen!


Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

1. I don't think Kofi's comments are misguarded. He took the right platform to remind Africans that some dictators are still prevalent in our midst. Hey! Hey! Hey! What's wrong with that one. Are there not?
2. What the hell is happening in Zimbabwe? You should listen to the Zimbabwean government's spokesman om Africa Have Your Say on bbc. Millions are fleeing Zimbabwe because of lack of food and price changes thrice a day and he sit comfortably and says the government there had siezed shops who change prices and they want to take over all banks and institutions and...and...and.... And the people are running! No Zimbabwean in his right senses would be happy or even smile ( i don't believe in happiness, it's for a while. Smile may be ok).
3.Every dictatorial government that fails tries to capture assets with force trying to give it to the suffering masses. It doesn't solve the problem -- the root cause. Such actions makes no economic sense. Not the book economics alone; my mother can even tell me that.
4. Your call for unity because Mugabe has messed up his country is inappropriate. We must unite. Yes, i agree. But with what? With rotten Zimbabwe and Mugabe, your hero. I admire that man. He's still strong because he eats well and blames the sufferance of his people on outsiders.
5. Mugabe hasn't been ousted by coup not because Zimbabweans can't; but because they aren't interested. It would solve the problem. They know the ballot box is waiting, but are still doubtful because it'll be the same old results.

Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Sorry, on the point number 5. I meant to say "It wouldn't solve the problem." Please check that. Enjow.