Wednesday, July 18, 2007


pad dear,

i am scared!

people are being gunned down in Ghana and it all feels scarry! but no! i'm not really scarred! i'm just a little scared.

that's not the point here really pal. i hear some crazy headed man says we should call the killings 'PLANNED KILLINGS' but not 'CONTRACT KILLINGS' as the news-mongers have picked up, else others might learn the ways of contract killings and hit town. hehehehehe... i'm laughing!

pal this is not a laughing matter at all! so don't laugh. just yesterday i was with this taxi driver who was blaming the issue on the craze Ghanaians have developed for NIGERIAN MOVIES!...violent scenes...WHAT? well, but seriously that could not be a serious analysis of the situation! tofiakwa...!

so someone tell the man called Atefua to stop disturbing our ears about a killing that has been planned! he can't be serious at all! that one people won't learn how to do it or what? what really is the point from this man? aah! stupid!

i pray we ignore all the noise and zoom to nip these contract or planned killings quickly! did i say that...well i don't really get the point about the contract or planned. what's important is that we get to the bottom of it.

may we live pal! may Ghana be safe!


Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

Labeling does no good. The man who first issued this naming ceremony of killings -- i don't know what he wants -- for us to discuss perhaps didn't think twice. Well, we'll live; but we must act fast.

And the films, trust me on that one. What we hear and see; or better still, watch has a significant influence on us. No doubt about that. It might be weightless in its use for analysis of a matter of such a magnitude.

Stop blaming people. That's what you Ghanaian and Africans do all the time before you could rectify bad events. I surmise you have your blame pick; "Kuffused Administration." Listen good: this problem had been lurking for a long time. Remember 83 and 98? It's here again! Instead of solving the situation we are reprimanding each other. Dickheaded Africans, ha!

Pal, you better watch less tv and save 48 megawatts. Tell your boss too. We don't know how to manage and maintain the low energy level we have now. When someone suggests conservation, we shamefully discard such ideas! Think my brother Africans. Think!

novisi said...

it would be interesting to know that suddenly Ghanaians have learnt violent ways through the watching of Nigerian movies! wouldn't it?

I DON'T DOUBT THAT HUMAN BEINGS ARE INFLUENCED BY EXTERNAL FACTORS AT ALL about all the other movies from the East and West...North and South? the Jackie Chans and the Bruce Lees? the Rambos and the Commandos? in fact what is the point here? I wonder what movie Cain watched before hacking his brother Abel to the 'EARTH'(if only what we are told is true by the Bible's account).

so what else are you talking about? why do you want to think or decide for me? who am i blaming for what here? i don't get it...but all the same i have not blamed anyone for the murders...i have not done any investigations to come to such conclusion.

As for the energy problem? that one sure, for all the information that is publicly available (check the energy commission report), and also for the fact that we have entrusted the management of our resources into the hands of some folks headed by a kuffour of president (FOR A LAPSE OF SEVEN YEARS SO FAR), sure i can't help but blame them for bringing us "thus far we've come"! simple.

I won't even talk about what has happened before (83 or 98) because the present is more important in this case, more so because the present situation could clearly have been prevented!

Clearly they have mismamanaged and that should be told them in the face instead of some majority in parliament deciding that they deserve congratulations. how cheap!

They have shown that they have no vision and are just a waste on our resources and efforts! they should be ashamed of themselves. and they should stop telling us not to blame.

we must blame them for the part they played!

and let no one decieve you that the solution to our energy problem rests on us conjuring more rains to fall into the Akosombo! No!!!