Friday, June 8, 2007

WOOD or Human ? or Promises ?

lon tam pal!

yeah pal dear, it's been a long time! i feel it in my soul. o000000000h!

anyway, so all things being equal Ghana would end up having the first ever female Chief-Justice in the person of Wood (not 'a WOOD')! and so the fuck what? but i hear loud noises from so called women groups. INDEED!!! what has being a woman got to do with delivering JUSTICE for mankind that a man lacks!

I am not against women. NO! my mother is a woman (as if you need to be told). But i detest feminists' tendencies that seem to only put men in a light that portrays them as the enemies of women. i don't believe in only women and i don't believe in only men. i believe in human beings!

So lets Just welcome Wood. be it that she comes to deliver justice or not only time will tell. and do i hear that she has ever assisted her father to render some woman homeless...well time will tell...and what about the Georgina Wood "cocaine" Committee...where are the missing cocaine?...well, again time will tell...and that holds no promise about being man or woman. time alone!

Pal, i'm just not one to be taken on a fantacy ride by one who holds himself in a position of trust. No. i will refuse it. my soul would not even alow it. Let alone me allowing myself to have my sight whitewashed so i only see what looks nice. NO!!! there is too much rot to be glossed over.

What did i hear Kuffour tell the G8-summit? That what?...that G8 members must deliver on their promises to Africa? That Africa expects that from them? well, i wonder if men like him have conscience enough. i really wonder. (and i don't want to talk about what promise the so called G8 have for Africa-- i won't go there!).

Talk of contradictions! Why? this was the same man who not too long ago claimed Zimbabwe was an embarrassment to the continent whilst in his own country Ghana, Police too took on opposition members and beat some well...well...well for demonstrating against some "stupid law by our current circumstances" that is supposed to allow all Ghanaians resident outside the country to vote at their various countries of residence. FUCK!!!

How different is that from what happened in Zimbabwe?-At least I did not see Mugabe beat up anyone personally. i did not hear! did you? neither did i see Kuffour do so too. Yet Kuffour shamelessly claims Zimbabwe is an embarrassment! so where is the conscience? A moral question mark. period.

Has he Kuffour delivered on his promises to his poeple of Ghana? does he know what Ghanaians expect from him? well, i have not forgotten how recently he promised to deliver us from the 'dark' in just a matter of a fortnight with electricity supplied to us from Obasanjo and the troubled Ivory Coast. NO, i have not forgotten and i will never forget!

so much for now pal. all the promises drive me crazy!

Thank God it's Friday Again!


Obed Sarpong 4 u said...

I'm too ashamed to comment. There a nausea that is keeping me away from what i distortion i have read. I may not know your conviction on issues pertaining to gov't and governance; NPP and prez. Jak in particular. So let me pause. Indeed, Zimbabwe is an embarassment! PERIOD!

novisi said...

Obed dear,thanks for your comment man! let Zimbabwe be an embarassment man!

what would you say about the recent Nigerian elections? our Jak prez almost praized it by being one of the first few to congratulate Umaru Yar'Adua.

This same Jak of a prez celebrated Ayadema's coup in Togo on assuming office...Yet he is the AU chairman today and he even put up a gigantic billboard to congratulate himself on behalf of the people on that score. I still have a picture of this billboard for the records!

this same AU chairman of a Jak does not believe in reparation for Africa which the AU also supports as a body for the crimes of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade which comments he recently made on the 200th year celebration of the abolition of the slave trade. He even shamelessly says that even africans themselves are to blame too for the slave trade.

Is Zimbabwe more embarrassing than these? Zimbabwe is an embarrassment for who? in the light of what?

I sincerely believe situations like such pertaining in Zimbabwe must give as the opportunity to reflect soberly on our weaknesses and make us ponder where we could draw our strengths from instead of being pretenders and hypocrites?

well, is Africa an embarrassment? food for thought.