Thursday, May 10, 2007

~metalic wings~

so not only the birds fly the skies. no!

on my way back to Accra from Abuja i felt a jolt. i could not resist the temptation of reaching deep within my inner self to share with you. i had pen and paper (like always) so here...

How amazing
these metal birds

they tickle and excite your loins
when they lift you up

sweetly as a shot of orgasmic waves

they present you to the heavens
and keep you airborne at the mercy of God the Father Almighty

and when the pot-holes of the skies cross your path
you only need to rent an extra heart

but before long
they bring you back to earth
Tickling and exciting your loins again
all the way from high above the clouds and farther

and finally you land with a big sigh
back to earth
back home
to where you belong

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